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It is possible that you are looking for the deep level of customization that a dedicated server may offer, but you may not be looking forward to the demanding maintenance and complex management of it. This is why managed servers are an excellent option for small businesses. If you are not looking to hire a full-time system administrator to add to your payroll, you can take advantage of managed servers, which provides the benefits of an employee without the cost.

A managed server is essentially the same nuts and bolts product as dedicated web hosting: you have your own server and your own bandwidth provisions, providing extra reliability and security in case there is a major influx of traffic. However, those who are not as well-versed in technology may not want to handle the upkeep associated with having a dedicated server you manage yourself. This is why companies offer managed servers. A managed dedicated server means that you have the same physical benefits that a dedicated server offers, but there is someone there to handle the maintenance and upkeep of the server. This can include:

  • Updates to the operating system and software
  • Firewall maintenance
  • Backup services
  • Virus protection
  • Telephone-based support
  • New software installs and other advanced configurations

When you are using managed servers for your web site, you experience increased productivity and added peace of mind, knowing that your site is being managed by a professional.You need not hire someone or personally spend time learning how to complete these things yourself and keep your site healthy. This means that you can work hard on the business, rather than working hard on the web site. Many companies package these services in with dedicated hosting services, to offer a turnkey solution for business owners that are not interested in being full-time system technology administrators.

HostReview, fortunately, can help you find the appropriate web hosting company that offers high quality and affordable managed servers. Visit HostReview to check out their reviews, as well as their Featured Blogs, which dive into different web hosting concepts and topics in more detail. Contact ust to get started today!


Featured Article:

Companies Are Choosing Managed Servers For High Performance That Is Worry Free

[Posted on May 05]

For businesses that want theultimate reliability and stability for their websites, investing in a dedicatedserver is typically what is done. Using a dedicated server for your sitediffers from a shared server, which many small businesses utilize as a costsaving measure. However, because a shared server, by definition, must allocateits resources among more than one site, it is much more susceptible to downtimeand crashes during periods of high traffic. For some businesses, this simplyisn't an option as it leads to loss of revenue. This is why they opt for adedicated server.

That being said, having adedicated server also means you need to have the staff to take regularlymaintain it and that is something many companies do not have and are notprepared to implement. For these companies, managed servers provide them theability to have the benefits of a dedicated server even when they don't have theinfrastructure in place to support it. With managed servers, yourbusiness will have someone external handling the operation of your server sothat it operates at a high level at all times. This includes backing up yourdata, maintaining your firewall, protecting you from viruses, updating thesystem, installing new software and other tasks that are part of serveroperation. By having someone else handling all of these tasks, you're surethey're being handled by experienced and knowledgeable individuals. That's oneless thing you have to worry about, which allows you spend more time andresources on handling the other aspects of your business.

However, managed servers are notsomething that all website hosting companies offer. If you'd like managedservers for your business, you'll need to determine which web hosts canprovide those services for you. This is why HostReview has proven to be such avaluable resource for small businesses. We provide extensive information onwebsite hosting companies that will help you learn which can offer managedservers and other useful features.

Whether you consult our companyprofiles, featured blogs or post a specific question on the HostReview forums,you'll get the answers you need. The HostReview community is made up of peoplethat keep tabs on the latest trends in the web hosting industry and thenprovide unbiased feedback for our visitors. The investment you make in your webhosting is something you should take as seriously as any investment you make inyour business.

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