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If you are a small business owner and you are not a master of web-related knowledge
and activities, the maintenance of a web site may be an intimidating task. If this is you,
a managed dedicated server may be the best option for you. A dedicated server is where your web site has its own storage
space – its own entire server, actually – and you pay a predefined amount for bandwidth
that you use. However, while this offers a great deal of customization, there is a certain
level of maintenance involved as well. Between software updates, operating system updates,
and security issues such as virus protection and firewall services, maintaining a web site,
its content, and security can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a managed dedicated server
is a great way to have the benefits of a dedicated server without the demands of
maintaining it.

When you use managed servers,
the web hosting provider will have a
member of their team keeping your site running on a healthy level. This means that all
those maintenance issues described above are taken care of for you. This is very
advantageous to those business owners that do not understand all the technology behind how
a web site functions. You can save the time associated with learning how to perform these
activities and focus on running your business. And with someone else, a paid web hosting
professional maintaining it for you, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are not
sacrificing the performance of your web site or the security of your customer transactions
or content. HostReview can help you compare the different web hosts that offer managed dedicated server solutions so that you
can find one that not only fits within your budget, but one that also fits within your
specific requirements. Solutions and services can vary by company, which is why HostReview
helps you compare these by using reviews from those experienced with these companies, and
rankings systems based on the services offered and the type of feedback they receive. This
makes HostReview a valuable tool in helping you determine which hosting provider to invest
your money in, and even provide a free consultation first to best ascertain what level of
managed dedicated server options is most suited for your business needs.

If you are thinking about or are ready to set up a managed dedicated server space for
your web site, be sure to visit HostReview first to begin comparing and considering
different providers. Contact us now to get started


Featured Article:

HostReview Can Help You Decide If A Managed Dedicated Server Is Needed For Your Website

[Posted on Aug 08]

A common reason that people visit HostReview is to explore the different kinds of servers that are available for web hosting. It's an important thing to consider as you contemplate the kind of hosting you'll use for your site and in many ways, it could be the most important factor. The type of server you need will largely be determined by the kind of web site you'll be operating. This is particularly true if your site will be used to conduct business or sell products. When your site is being used for these purposes, you need to ensure that it's stable and won't crash when you have an influx of traffic.

When you need that kind of stability, you'll want to look into dedicated web hosting. With a dedicated server, your site will be the only one being hosted and all of the server's resources will be available at all times. This differs from a shared server, another popular option, where the resources are distributed to multiple sites being hosted. While that isn't a problem for sites that don't get high volumes of traffic, it does become an issue for those that do if that occurs because it can lead to crashes and downtime for the sites being hosted.

If your site is one that people are visiting in order to purchase products or services, this is something you cannot risk. However, a dedicated server can be expensive and it's not something that is always in the budget. Ultimately, the investment in a dedicated server may prove to be worthwhile or the costs might not be an issue. But, some companies will find that they don't have the staff or infrastructure in place to provide the support for their server. If this is the case, you'll want to read up on a managed dedicated server at HostReview.

With a managed dedicated server, you get the reliability that you need but the maintenance and support is provided by the web hosting company. This ensures that your server gets the software updates and other upkeep that is needed by people who are experts at doing so, which leads to optimal performance from your managed dedicated server. It's not a setup that is feasible or even ideal for everyone but if you'd like to learn more about managed servers, HostReview is the best resource. You can both learn about the pros and cons of a managed dedicated server and then should you decide that's the kind of web hosting that you want, you'll also be able to compare the different web hosts that offer those services.

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