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WiredTree Levels-Up SSD VPS Hosting In Time For The Holiday Season
2015-11-24 09:52:41
WiredTree, a leading provider of managed virtual private server hosting, has announced a comprehensive upgrade to its popular Managed SSD VPS and Hybrid Server plans. The free upgrade significantly increases the resources available to VPS and Hybrid hosting clients just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. read more
WiredTree Welcomes Devon Rutherford As Its New Director Of Sales
2015-10-26 03:36:20
WiredTree, a leading provider of managed server hosting, today announced that Devon Rutherford will be joining the company as Sales Director. read more
WiredTree Announces Massive Level-Up Of Managed Server Hosting Plans
2015-09-23 06:46:19
WiredTree, a leading provider of managed server hosting, has announced substantial hardware upgrades across its range of managed virtual private servers and hybrid servers. The upgrades will see current WiredTree clients benefit from significant performance upgrades at no extra cost. read more
WiredTree Warns Of The Dangers Of Unpatched BIND DNS Servers
2015-08-26 03:31:41
WiredTree, an experienced provider of managed server hosting, has warned server administrators of the dangers of unpatched BIND DNS servers in the wake of recent revelations by researcher Jonathan Foote that many versions of BIND are vulnerable to a denial of service attack. read more
WiredTree Introduces New Faster SSDs On Managed Dedicated Servers
2015-07-20 06:03:27
WiredTree, a trusted provider of managed dedicated servers, has introduced new faster SSD storage across its range of dedicated server plans. read more
WiredTree Celebrates Nine Years Of Managed Hosting Excellence
2015-06-23 10:42:32
Founded on June 6, 2006, WiredTree aimed to change the game for hosting services by providing the ultimate in managed hosting. The company combines cutting-edge infrastructure and innovative network design with a commitment to constantly refresh its hardware and services to keep pace with changing technology. But at the heart of WiredTree's flourishing is its relationship with its valued and loyal clients. read more
WiredTree's Hosting Experts Comment On Cloud Instability
2015-06-01 00:28:33
WiredTree, an experienced provider of managed hybrid and dedicated servers, has commented on the poor experience many companies face when deploying applications on cloud platforms. As reported by Clare Hopping of CloudPro (May 21, 2015), two thirds of cloud executives have experienced reliability and performance problems with cloud deployments. Almost half reported that cloud outages were a threat to their company. read more
WiredTree Comments On Danger Of Outdated Cryptographic Technology
2015-04-01 04:12:04
WiredTree, a leading provider of managed dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and hybrid servers, commented this week on the responsibility of web services providers, including web hosting companies, to protect their users from the clear and present danger presented by the inclusion of outdated cryptographic technology in server software. read more
WiredTree Introduces Powerful New Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans
2015-02-24 04:01:45
WiredTree, a premium provider of managed dedicated server hosting, has announced the introduction of a new series of dedicated server hosting plans with massively enhanced performance. read more
WiredTree Introduces New Client-Focused Site Design
2015-01-26 03:44:52
WiredTree, a premium provider of managed virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and hybrid servers, has announced a radical redesign of its website. The new responsive design offers clients an elegant, intuitive experience with a human focus that foregrounds the personal aspects of the managed hosting services offered by WiredTree. read more
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