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HostGator is an international provider of cloud-based web presence solutions, committed to delivering reliable and stable services backed by first-class support and guidance. Founded in 2002, HostGator is the perfect web partner for businesses owners and individuals seeking hands-on support. HostGator is based in Texas, with offices in Houston and Austin, and offshore enterprises in Brazil and India. 'Snappy' is the company's internationally recognized mascot. For more information, visit www.HostGator.com.

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on Friday, July 19, 2013

This company are extremely frustrating to deal with if you encounter a problem.  The customer service aspect is appalling and very dragged - no urgency on their part.  I encountered a problem with them first two years ago and regret not having changed hosting service back then as alarm bells were ringing.  However, it would have been too much hassle.  Now I feel obliged to make the change as their hierarchical method of handling problems is crazy and unbelievably time consuming.  Expect your site to have "Suspended - contact Billing Dept" signs splashed on the home page when their own Billing Dept makes an error and then takes a week to investigate it.  Yes they will apologize and yes they will be very polite - but it will not bother them that your reputation is being put on the line and that your business is being damaged by this weakness in their approach.  I experienced this last fore-mentioned problem on two occasions, and on the most recent occasion I researched online to see if other customers had experienced this.  I was not surprised to learn that many former customers of Hostgator left due to this problem of having their websites suspended despite their having done nothing wrong and having been paid up to date.  I should add that Hostgator's day-to-day support staff are great - but it's when the BIG problems occur that Hostgator fails and fails badly.  Sadly, I too will now move from this company as it is not acceptable anymore to have this happen.  When I joined 2 years ago they were always top of the ratings charts for Hosting providers.  I cannot say I am surprised that they have slipped so far down the rankings.  Be fore-warned.

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