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CloudSigma is a 100% Swiss owned and based cloud service provider. We offer cloud locations in Europe, APAC and the United States. Our customers achieve complete control and flexibility over their cloud environments. Run any operating system unmodified (including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and more). Craft your environment as you like with completely flexible server sizing, high availability, tiered storage, advanced networking and incredible performance

Cloud-as-a-Service (CaaS) 
CloudSigma’s Cloud-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution is enabling data centres, telecommunications or IT service providers to offer high-quality public cloud service alongside their existing products. The CaaS operational and commercial model is founded on a collaboration between CloudSigma and the partner.

Our CaaS solution offers a unique fully managed public cloud node as part of our global cloud network. CaaS partners benefit from a zero execution risk, high service quality cloud services solution that can be deployed in under 45 days. Data centres, telecommunications or IT service providers focus on the expansion of their market reach and offering of newly integrated value-added services whilst CloudSigma focuses on delivering a world-class cloud solution underneath.

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