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1&1 IONOS News

1&1 Internet Inc. Expands Its Classic Hosting Product Portfolio With Its New Business Hosting Package
2011-09-19 03:58:29
1&1 Internet, a global leader amongst Web hosts, today launches an optimized product portfolio for the American market. 1&1’s new Business hosting package provides unrestricted use of its professional hosting at an affordable price. Furthermore, 1&1’s Dynamic Cloud Servers have been enhanced with additional features. read more
New TV Ad From 1&1 Shows Small Businesses How To Launch A Website In Minutes
2011-09-07 03:37:01
September sees the launch of a substantial new advertising campaign by 1&1 Internet, Inc., ( www.1and1.com ), a global leader amongst Web hosting providers. Aimed at small business owners, craftsmen, the self-employed, professionals and entrepreneurs who require a website on the Internet, the company offers 1&1 MyWebsite -- an easy online application that creates an attractive and highly-tailored business website in minutes. read more
1&1 Offers Free .CA Domain With All Dual Web Hosting Packages
2011-05-18 05:36:19
Often considered as virtual real estate, domains are a crucial element of a business’s online presence. 1&1 Internet Inc., a global leader among Web hosts, now offers .CA as an option for domain names included within Canadian customers’ shared Dual Hosting or MyBusiness Site packages at no additional cost, meaning a $11.99 saving. read more
1&1 Provides Double Security with Redundancy
2011-05-05 03:53:18
Companies cannot afford to have downtime on their websites. Therefore, 1&1Internet, Inc., a leader amongst global Web hosts, is now providing double security with redundant server technology accessible for professional hosting packages. With a backup server in a different location, websites are guaranteed to have maximum availability of 99.99%. All data and applications are mirrored so websites are more dependable than ever before. For this advancement, 1&1 has improved its Web hosting portfolio and is introducing new and innovative 1&1 Dual Hosting packages. read more
1&1 App Improves Efficiency for Working On-The-Go
2011-04-12 02:06:31
The mobile internet is booming and millions of Americans are now regularly accessing the Web through mobile devices and Smartphones. 1&1 Internet Inc., a global leader amongst Web hosts, has developed an application that is especially beneficial for businesses using such mobile technology. The new 1&1 Online Storage app provides access to important documents without using a computer and can be achieved via a mobile internet connection. read more
1&1, World's Leading Web Hosting Company, Expands Services to Canada
2011-03-17 03:44:29
1&1 Internet, Inc., a global leader amongst Web hosts, today announced that it will now offer its hosting solutions to the Canadian small- and medium-sized business market. As an international hosting provider, 1&1 welcomes the opportunity to provide affordable and reliable hosting to Canada’s small business market through http://www.1and1.ca. read more
1&1 Launches Six Months Free New Year Hosting Offer
2011-01-11 13:21:10
1&1 Internet Inc., www.1and1.com, a global leader among web hosts, today announced a six months free hosting offer to support business endeavors in the New Year.  This substantial offer is intended to encourage small- and medium-sized companies to launch a new or re-energized web presence and eCommerce initiatives, thus increasing revenues and their web visibility in 2011. read more
1&1 Provides Affordable Storage in the Cloud
2010-12-21 09:22:03
As a means to provide greater web-based storage capacity for small businesses, 1&1 now has additional capacity available to better suit their long-term needs. This increase in available storage space (up to 1 Terabyte) and the inherent flexibility in Cloud solutions eliminates the need to accurately judge storage requirements in advance; rather, businesses can adjust the volume as needed. read more
1&1 Launches Dodeca-Core Servers
2010-12-08 13:40:58
1&1 Internet Inc., http://www.1and1.com , a global leader amongst web hosts, today announced a remarkable new range of Dedicated Servers with 24 Core processors. In doing so, 1&1 offers a new web server option suitable for professional users with sophisticated demands for performance, reliability and energy efficiency. With multiple redundancy systems and their excellent Internet connectivity, 1&1’s strong Data Centers provide the ideal environment for the latest server generation. read more
1&1 Virtual Server Boost EnhancesPerformance and Functionality
2010-12-03 03:48:09
1&1 Internet has enhanced its Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to meet the needs of private and business users looking for an affordable hosting solutions but do not need the power of a dedicated server. With increased traffic limits, double the memory and disk space, and three package offerings, VPS users will receive the freedom and enhanced performance they have been looking for. These servers, available with Linux or Windows operating system, include up to 7 dedicated IP addresses, 1 TLD, an e-mail account, and many other additional features and functions. Users can take advantage of the current VPS promotion of $29.99 for the first three months with the signing of a 1 year contract through December 31, 2010. read more
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