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New 1&1 Shared Hosting Range Defines New Market Standard For Web Hosting
2013-09-04 10:45:17
1 &1 Internet, Inc., www.1and1.com">www.1and1.com, a global leader among Web hosting providers, today debuted a new Web hosting range engineered to deliver the ultimate performance and flexibility for hosting a website. 1 &1 hosting now provides an outstanding end-to-end customer experience for those who use website applications read more
1&1 Now Registrar For New Top-Level-Domains
2013-09-03 10:59:29
1&1 Internet, Ltd., a global leader among Web hosting providers, has signed the ICANN’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement. The organisation is responsible for the global Internet address allocation of new Top Level Domains. As a result, 1&1 will be able to offer more than 700 new endings as Internet addresses in the future. read more
53 Percent Of Americans Consider Starting Their Own Business Startup
2013-07-16 04:41:02
Some 53 per cent of American adults have seriously considered starting their own business, according to new research out today by 1 &1 Internet, Inc., www.1and1.com, a global leader among Web hosting providers. The data from over 1,300 Americans shows that in recent years many have weighed their options for increasing their household income. The minimum income expectation from efforts to start a side-line business is on average read more
1&1 Launches New GTLD Portal For Pre-Reservation
2013-07-03 03:22:21
1 &1 Internet, Inc., www.1and1.com, a global leader among Web hosting providers, today launched a new portal offering pre-reservation for the latest generation of Internet addresses or 'new gTLDs'. The new wave of domains will see many attractive new endings to be launched such as .tech, .shop, .blog, .music and .web. 1 &1's portal offers the chance to express interest in registering such domains and provides a range of informative advice and news on the subject. The new domains will play an important role in determining future online identity and so will become increasingly important for businesses to consider. 1 &1 urges US businesses to begin planning which new domains could make the most impact upon their online audience. read more
1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Offers New Benchmark For Flexibility And Power
2013-07-02 03:46:24
1&1 Internet Inc., www.1and1.com, a global leader among Web hosting providers, today unveiled a new cloud server package that delivers unrestricted cloud-based efficiencies to both businesses and professionals alike. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server, available from a total price of only $0.06 per hour, features dynamically adjustable resources -- Processor Cores (vCore), RAM (GB) and Hard Disk Space (GB) - that are configurable upwards and downwards by the user themselves anytime. read more
1&1 Keeps SMB Websites Even More Secure With Free SiteLock Promotional Offer
2012-11-09 03:34:37
1 &1 Internet Inc., www.1and1.com, a global leader among Web hosting providers, now offers a solution to enable 1 &1 customers to ensure that their web pages remain as secure as possible. With this new feature from SiteLock (www.sitelock.com), 1 &1 customers can scan their website for design vulnerabilities and stay informed about their online security levels – an important issue for both website owners and visitors.  Until the end of 2012, 1 &1 will provide this security service free for one domain, for the life of any new shared Web hosting or eShop contract. read more
1&1 Supports US Veteran Entrepreneurs
2012-10-25 03:27:18
1 &1 Internet Inc., www.1and1.com, a global leader among Web hosting companies, today launches its '1 &1 Veteran Appreciation Program' in support of all United States' troops. The first campaign of its kind in the Web hosting industry, the program provides veteran small business owners with a 1 &1 MyWebsite Plus package free for 6 months. The all inclusive website package provides entrepreneurs with an effective platform for getting their business online quickly and easily. read more
1&1 Helps Companies Score Points With Google
2012-10-12 04:54:23
More and more Americans use search engines to find local businesses and services on the Internet. So far, smaller companies especially could only minimally benefit from this trend because they have not optimized their website for Google and other search engines - that is why they can remain almost invisible to potential customers on the Web. Very often, the main reason for this obstacle is the cost, as 1 &1 Internet found out in a recent study. The provider has now responded to this and with 1 &1 SEO Spotlight, has developed an affordable professional solution that can even help companies with a tight marketing budget to capture attention. read more
Citrix XenServer To Power 1&1 Internet Global Cloud Platform
2012-07-11 04:08:47
Citrix today announced that leading Web hosting provider 1&1 Internet has designed its public cloud offering, Dynamic Cloud Server, on Citrix XenServer™ technology, demonstrating significant momentum for the rapidly growing Citrix Cloud Platform Business. read more
More Flexibility With The 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server
2012-03-06 03:45:35
1&1 Internet Inc., a global leader amongst Web hosting providers, has made its Dynamic Cloud Server now even more flexible. From now on, configurations for all essential features such as CPU or RAM can be scaled hourly as needed. For small and medium businesses, the innovation of such flexibility with server resources allows them to manage their IT needs just as efficiently as major corporations who leverage such tools for long-time success. This lowers the costs of small business IT and enhances the competitive nature of the market. read more
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