Colocation Servers and Other Options are Available at HostReview

When you are making a decision about how to host your web site, a number of different options come up: colocation servers, shared hosting, dedicated web hosting, and others. But what is the difference? Some explanation is helpful in understanding the different types of web hosting.  Shared hosting means that you share bandwidth and server space with other web sites. This is the most affordable option for most small businesses that are not expecting a lot of traffic. If you are a local business with limited funds, this is probably your best option. Another option is a dedicated server, which means you have your own server and you pay for the bandwidth that you use, usually on a subscription basis. This is more expensive, but generally more reliable, as an influx of traffic will be handled by your dedicated server more efficiently, rather than having to manage traffic with numerous other web sites running through the same server. Finally, colocation servers mean that you own the server and can maintain and load your own information (web site pages, downloadable content, etc.) onto your own server housed and maintained at another web hosting provider facility set up for this purpose. You also would have an option to hire someone at the facility to participate in the managing and maintaining the server – usually then referred to as a managed colocation server.  This is a more expensive option as well, though depending upon your situation, it could be advantageous.

Navigating all of these different options can be difficult, but navigating the different domain hosting companies can be downright impossible. This is why HostReview has put together a resource to help you analyze many of the major web hosting providers to help you determine which is the best fit for your business. You can look at various reviews from those who have experience with the companies, and there is an active community in the forums that can help you make a decision as well. Add to that a large database that is conveniently organized by the types of hosting offered, and the ability to look up a company by name, and you have an incredibly useful site to peruse when you need to make a decision on your web hosting.

Regardless of whether you choose shared hosting, a dedicated server, managed server, or colocation servers, HostReview can help you find the best provider for your needs - contact us now to get started!