What is a Colocation Server?

If you are a small business and are running a high-traffic web site, you understand

the high cost of bandwidth. Every time someone visits your site, bandwidth is used. Under

normal circumstances, you may be paying for a dedicated server

and paying a subscription for the bandwidth use. This can get

expensive rather quickly. Fortunately, a colocation server can be an efficient option for

those looking to save money on their internet technology and website expenses.The

bandwidth fees will already be included in the flat rate price you are paying to house your

colocation server with them.

Here is how a colocation server works: you purchase and own a server and then install

and store all of your information, such as the various pages of your site and any

downloadable content that you host on your site, onto this server. The server is then

transported to a different location - the actual and physical colocation server facility,

where the provider operates.They will then setup your server there which will host your

site as well. You are provided bandwidth from this web hosting

provider as you essentially rent rack space to operate your server

from combined with the use of the bandwidth they provide. You pay for the space that you

are using. This is more secure than hosting a site yourself as you enjoy stronger

protection against disasters, power outages, theft and break-ins, or, for example, weather

threats. However, if you want to perform upgrades on your server, you will need to access

the server's physical location to do so yourself – unless it’s also fully or partially

managed for you.

Once you have made up your mind and decided that you do prefer to go with a colocation

server, the next step is choosing a company to provide this service for you. Fortunately,

HostReview has a comprehensive profile system that organizes

href="web-hosts">web hosts

based on the services they provide. Thus, you can see which

companies provide colocation server services. You can also read reviews from users who have

colocation servers at these facilities and learn from their experience there. This is a

measurable advantage you receive from HostReview, and it can prevent you from wasting money

on an unreliable company or on one that offers, for example, inferior support. Add to that

the resources and community that are both accessible on HostReview, and you have one

central resource to locate all your web hosting needs.

If you are interested in hosting your site on a colocation server, visit HostReview

today to begin your informed selection process by comparing different providers.

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Featured Article:

Colocation Servers Are Now Being Widely Used By Companies Of All Types

[Posted on May 26]

There are many different web hosting options that are currently available for organizations to choose from when deciding how they want to host their website. Perhaps the most important decision to make is the kind of server that will be used. How that determination will be made is going to vary widely from organization to organization and be dependent on how that site will be used as well as the kind of traffic that is expected.

But this is an industry that changes rapidly and staying current on the latest options requires you to utilize the resources available at HostReview. There you can learn about the different options and how each might benefit your organization's website. Simply choosing cheap web hosting is ill advised as you run the risk of not getting the features that you need to make the most of your site, though certainly price will be a factor when you make your decision. This is why not every company chooses a dedicated server because while it does offer the most stable set up, it can be expensive.

One option being explored by a number of companies is the use of colocation servers. With this set up, the server itself is hosted a facility that is design specifically for that purpose. This provides a level of security that is vital to companies who will be storing valuable information on the server and cannot afford to have it lost or stolen. With colocation servers, you will still be able to access all of the information you have stored. Many who use colocation servers have also taken advantage of the fact that the facilities that house the servers provide management services. This can be ideal for a company that doesn't have the staff or resources for maintenance of their colocation servers but still wants to take advantage of all the benefits they offer.

By reading up on colocation servers at HostReview, you can get a better idea of specifically what they offer that the other types of servers do not and the other way around. Making informed decisions regarding your business investments is something that is essential to the long term success of your company. To inform yourself regarding the various aspects of the world of web hosting, you'll find no better place than HostReview. Our company profiles, featured blogs and forums give a well rounded perspective on everything pertaining to web hosting.

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