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Cheap Web Hosting is No Bargain!
by Jim Edwards - 2004-03-20 in Choose your Host

Ever heard the saying "Penny-wise and Dollar-foolish"? Well bargain priced website hosting may just represent the perfect example of watching a jar full of pennies while bucket loads of dollars fly ou...

How to Pick a Web Host
by - 2004-03-15 in Choose your Host

In today's Internet, everyone and their brother are jumping on the hosting band wagon. On the one hand, you have the mega hosts (with a look of security and safety) and the independents (who in most c...

How To Choose Your Web Host
by - 2004-03-09 in Choose your Host

Ask any Internet entrepreneur what the most important decision they had to make for their Web site was, and chances are pretty good they'll say:"choosing my Web host"....

What Makes For A Good Host?
by - 2004-03-08 in Choose your Host

I've had to change web hosts a number of times. In fact, I spent most of this week changing from one host to another. Believe me, it is a major pain, although I have made sure that my site is always r...

Web Hosting: To Switch or to Stay?
by Joelene Wickens-Orlando - 2004-03-03 in Choose your Host

That’s a question that can only be answered by you. Depending on your current status and relationship you have with your provider, along with your evolving business objectives and needs, can determi...

Solving Common Problems with Web Hosting Companies
by Robin Nobles - 2004-03-03 in Basics

For those of you with Web sites, you probably know what a “host” is. It’s a company that provides a location, or address, on the Internet where your Web site resides....

Find the Host With the Most
by Jason Shpik - 2004-03-02 in Choose your Host

No one can deny that the quality and reliability of your Web presence can make or break your business. The average attention span of a Web surfer is a mere 20 seconds, and your competition is always j...

Your Most Important Online Business Decision
by Barbara Camisa - 2004-03-02 in Choose your Host

Your web business depends on your site's uptime around the clock. When you want to make a purchase online, you most likely take the time to check the credentials of that business. ...

How To Shop and Save On Website Hosting
by Jim Edwards - 2004-03-02 in Basics

From small "mom and pop" home-based businesses to mega- stores, people ask this question in business every single day. Even if you only operate a small, local business, if you don't have a website (or...

What is the difference between Unix and NT systems?
by Maria - 2004-03-01 in Basics

Shared or virtual hosting is usually available in two varieties: UNIX and NT. What is the difference between hosting on these operating systems?...

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