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Solving Common Problems with Web Hosting Companies
by Robin Nobles - 2004-03-03 in Basics

For those of you with Web sites, you probably know what a “host” is. It’s a company that provides a location, or address, on the Internet where your Web site resides....

Find the Host With the Most
by Jason Shpik - 2004-03-02 in Choose your Host

No one can deny that the quality and reliability of your Web presence can make or break your business. The average attention span of a Web surfer is a mere 20 seconds, and your competition is always j...

Your Most Important Online Business Decision
by Barbara Camisa - 2004-03-02 in Choose your Host

Your web business depends on your site's uptime around the clock. When you want to make a purchase online, you most likely take the time to check the credentials of that business. ...

How To Shop and Save On Website Hosting
by Jim Edwards - 2004-03-02 in Basics

From small "mom and pop" home-based businesses to mega- stores, people ask this question in business every single day. Even if you only operate a small, local business, if you don't have a website (or...

What is the difference between Unix and NT systems?
by Maria - 2004-03-01 in Basics

Shared or virtual hosting is usually available in two varieties: UNIX and NT. What is the difference between hosting on these operating systems?...

How to Choose a Reliable Web Host?
by Maria - 2004-02-29 in Choose your Host

The first thing you should do before beginning your search for a reliable web host, is to make a list of your specific web hosting needs....

10 helpful tips to follow when switching web hosts
by Russ Mate - 2004-02-25 in Choose your Host

You've made your decision to move from your website from your current web host to a new web host....

Web Hosting: Shared or Dedicated - Which should you choose?
by Russ Mate - 2004-02-24 in Basics

Before you begin your search for a web host you should first determine whether you need shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting....

How Multiple Server Hosting impacts your website's uptime
by Godfrey Heron - 2004-02-23 in Basics

Hosting of web sites has essentially become a commodity. There is very little distinguishing one hosting company from the next. Core plans and features are the same and price is no longer a true deter...

Evaulating Web Site Performance
by Michael Rasmussen - 2004-02-18 in Marketing

Setting up a website is the very first step of an Internet marketing campaign, and the success or failure of your site depends greatly on how specifically you have defined your website goals....

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