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Sponsored Sites: The E-Business Tool
by - 2002-11-27 in Marketing

Sponsored Sites: The E-Business Tool What is a Sponsored Site? A Sponsored Site is much like your original site, designed with the motive to attract targeted visitors to your main site. This tool can...

How to Avoid Getting Burned by a Host
by Ahmed Farooq - 2002-11-25 in Choose your Host

There are a few things to watch out for when looking for a web host. Follow these simple guide lines, and things should be fine. ...

Can your business resist having a ‘shop-front’ in every corner of the World?
by Sanjay Sharma - 2002-11-25 in Basics

Having an ‘Internet’ presence is like having a shop front in every corner of the world. Your online presence helps you find customers from every location on this planet....

Testing The Water
by Bob Osgoodby - 2002-11-18 in Marketing

I don't care if you are in an affiliate program, are involved in Network Marketing or just trying to sell your products to a niche market. Just ask yourself this: How many of the "High Fliers" have t...

The Web Host Checklist
by Angela Rohner - 2002-11-08 in Choose your Host

The web hosts listed in the AceHosts.com Web Host Directory have already met most of the qualifications on the checklist, but there is still more research that you should do in selecting a web host. ...

How to Minimize Legal Liability In Your Online Business
by - 2002-11-07 in Marketing

Have you ever had the edifying experience of receiving an unjustified spam complaint from a complete nutter? I did, just this week....

How to Focus on Your Internet Business
by Brian Moore - 2002-11-05 in Marketing

If you've been in a home based Internet business even a short time, you've probably discovered that it's not time to give up your day job just yet....

Follow-Up With Freebies
by Larry Dotson - 2002-11-05 in Marketing

It's important to follow-up with potential online customers. Following up with them can increase your traffic and sales....

The Single Most Powerful Way to Build an Internet Identity
by Barry White - 2002-11-05 in Domain Names

It's getting harder and harder to find a good name for your new web site. The obvious domains for your business are likely long gone....

Traditional Web Site Building (Learning HTML)
by Mark Bove - 2002-11-05 in Basics

The classic way that web sites are built is by computer programmers who know the programming language named "HTML"....

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