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Your Digital Business Plan
by Alex Lekas - 2005-02-05 in Marketing

In reassessing their goals for the new year and in revisiting business plans, are companies doing the same with their Internet presence? A web site is a digital reflection of a company's mission and c...

Changing to a New Host? No More Worries!
by Priyanka Agarwal - 2005-02-04 in Choose your Host

John's online business is expanding. His customers are increasing day by day. However, he feels very frustrated at the moment as he finds his website is 'down' about every 4th day. ...

Webfarms: The Only Way To Host!
by Brad Kingsley - 2005-02-03 in Technical Support

Networks can be configured to be so incredibly redundant now - for reasonable prices - that there is no excuse for a data center not to achieve five nines (99.999%) of availability....

Domain Names Security: How safe is yours?
by Teeyes Siva - 2005-02-02 in Domain Names

The security of domain name registrations is an increasing concern for domain name registrants and registrars. However, there are steps you can take to increase the security of your domain name regist...

Web Hosting that rocks!
by Mudassar Saeed Khan - 2005-01-29 in Choose your Host

Its not just about having a web hosting account. Things become more complicated on hosting side, if you're into launching a great internet site. This article guides how to have a hosting package you d...

Table Structures For Top Search Engine Positioning
by Mary Davies - 2005-01-27 in Marketing

This article illustrates the importance of table structure in attaining high search engine positioning and gives examples of idea structures....

Web Hosting: 4 Factors in Choosing a Hosting Company
by - 2005-01-26 in Choose your Host

When choosing a web hosting company there are a whole lot of different factors that should go into your decision making process. One of the biggest factors should be phone support. ...

Clustering Solutions and Zero Downtime Hosting Pitfalls
by Godfrey Heron - 2005-01-24 in Choose your Host

There are a number of benchmarks, which we may use to evaluate hosting companies. One of these is, reliability. ...

Reseller Hosting Explained
by Ashish Jain - 2005-01-24 in Reseller Hosting

The term Reseller according to the dictionary means to sell again i.e. to sell a product or service to the public or to an end user, especially as an authorized dealer, while making sure that you make...

A Note on Free Web Hosting
by J. Ratliff - 2005-01-17 in Basics

There are literally thousands of places to get Free web hosting. Maybe you already have one. Are you happy with it? Do you wish you could do away with the advertising you must put up with?...

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