November 2018 Blogs Archive

Benefits Of Animation And How To Use Explainer Videos In Your Business
by Animated Video - 2018-11-29 in Marketing

Explainer videos just like any other video form rule the digital world today. Don’t just take my word for it – HubSpot reported in their state of video report for 2018 that 95% of people s...

How Can You Perform The Best Data Recovery? Top Tips To Follow
by Ronny Dsouza - 2018-11-28 in Technical Support

Losing essential data from your electronic storage device can often be upsetting for anyone as it might include some very important memories, moments or collections. Losing data is a very common scena...

Evolution Of SaaS
by Jennifer Thomas - 2018-11-27 in General Information

SaaS (software as a service) is a method of delivering software where customers can access the data online. These applications are hosted by service vendors or providers and maintain servers, code, an...

Why Are The Importance And Use Of Hadoop Database?
by Jack Dsouja - 2018-11-26 in General Information

Hadoop is a software framework which is used for storing the data and running applications on hardware. Hadoop provides the huge storage for any data, and it keeps the data and information safely and ...

Use SEO Reseller Programs To Save Your Company’s Time And Money
by Jack Dsouja - 2018-11-23 in Marketing

If you are a business owner, then you should already be aware of the fact that these days one needs to have a digital face of their business on the internet....

Here Is How Businesses Can Store And Manage Their Data In A 21st Century Way
by John Donavan - 2018-11-22 in Choose your Host

One of the resources that businesses are turning to so as to maintain competitiveness is Information Technology. Simply known as IT, this resource assist with increasing the effectiveness and efficien...

Mobile SEO Trends & Strategies To Follow In 2019
by Manar Ahmed - 2018-11-21 in Marketing

SEO is an evolving industry that continues to change with current trends and models. That's what makes SEO so difficult to pin down....

Web Hosting And Cloud Technology Designed To Save Your Company Money
by Kevin Gardner - 2018-11-20 in Cloud Computing

The internet has allowed for many opportunities to innovate your business and save money. Assess the options in this article to determine which options are best for your company....

What Are The Other Important Services Provided By The Hosting Provider?
by Jennifer Thomas - 2018-11-19 in Cloud Computing

Hosting refers to a practice of hosting a site on a web server which can be accessed from the network and can be viewed online....

Future Of Dedicated Hosting In The Cloud Era
by Priti Shetti - 2018-11-16 in Cloud Computing

Dedicated servers are traditional method for hosting while cloud hosting is emerging day by day. Dedicated servers are used by big enterprises where chances of reliability, security is high. cloud is ...

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