Technical Support

Source Code and RPM Packages – Understanding the Difference and Choosing your Route
by Thomas Brenneke - 2005-02-14 in Technical Support

Often times a system administrator faces the task of installing a utility or application. This article is intended to address the common questions system administrators have regarding the differences ...

Webfarms: The Only Way To Host!
by Brad Kingsley - 2005-02-03 in Technical Support

Networks can be configured to be so incredibly redundant now - for reasonable prices - that there is no excuse for a data center not to achieve five nines (99.999%) of availability....

Handling Your Email Addresses
by Lester Boey - 2004-12-21 in Technical Support

Most websites work with web mails. Web-based email enable you to access email via a web browser such as Internet Explorer. You log into your email account via the Web to send and retrieve email. ...

Bandwidth Or Data Transfer - Which is Which?
by Boris Mordkovich - 2004-08-24 in Technical Support

Too often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer in the same breath but truth be known they are different although very closely related. Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred at a ti...

How To Beat Spam!
by Boris Mordkovich - 2003-12-08 in Technical Support

Spam. Can’t mention it without cringing. For web hosts whose business is to provide a resource that can be exploited by spammers it’s a never-ending challenge....

Shared Web Hosting and E-mail Service Down
by Ivan Vachovsky - 2003-06-03 in Technical Support

Unfortunately things happen on the Internet, beyond Aplus.Net’s control, which may affect the performance of your web hosting and/or e-mail. Here are the most common problems....

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