Technical Support

Website Building Mistakes You Should Avoid
by Chris Walker - 2006-10-31 in Technical Support

Do you know that you can increase the effectiveness of your website by avoiding common mistakes? How is your website layout? Do your pages soak up bandwidth? Avoiding common website building mistakes ...

How to Get Started with Your Web Site
by Marcus Laval - 2006-10-12 in Technical Support

Many people would like to have their own Web site but think that it is too difficult to make and they do not even benefit from the disk space reserved to them by their provider for their personal Web ...

A Few Things to Consider Before Planning a New Web Site
by Jaya Kumar Patchala - 2006-09-26 in Technical Support

Consider all the costs before planning a website. Hosting companies respond fast and well to all your pre-sales inquiries. Hosting is a low-margin, high-competition sector. These people need a large n...

What you need to know about CSS!
by Deepak Sharma - 2006-09-04 in Technical Support

Today, more and more browsers are implementing style sheets, opening authors' eyes to unique features that allow influence over presentation while preserving platform independence....

3 Ways for Website Design
by Nasir A - 2006-08-28 in Technical Support

Designing a website may not seem like the easiest of tasks, but with the help of some new web building conveniences that have entered the market in the past few years it is possible to create a profes...

Managing Large Websites
by Mark Nenadic - 2006-08-21 in Technical Support

It’s funny how quickly a website that was originally supposed to be a tiny web presence can quickly turn into web weed that starts growing out of control. Naturally, having a very large and well-kno...

Guide to Internet Business - Website Setup
by Nasir A - 2006-08-07 in Technical Support

After planning the design and content of your website, it's time to actually physically set up your website....

Why Will You Fail When You Create a Website?
by Ian McAllister - 2006-07-27 in Technical Support

Perhaps you are in a non-profit organisation. Why should you create a website? Perhaps you are offering a gardening or plumbing or dentistry service. Why should you create a website? Perhaps you are s...

7 Do and Don't in Website Design
by Samantha Rae - 2006-07-25 in Technical Support

This article highlights seven important points that one should be aware of. It also provides a more in-depth look into each of them....

What Colour Combination Should You Use In Your Website And How It Will Help Your Visitors In The Long Run
by John Teh - 2006-07-21 in Technical Support

Most of the things you need to know on the selection of colour combinations for your website. Learn a tool that makes your colour selection jobs a walk in the park and get to know how you can stress i...

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