Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website
by Dave Davies - 2005-01-01 in Marketing

This is part one of ten in this search engine positioning series. In part one we will outline how to choose the keyword phrases most likely to produce a high ROI for your search engine positioning eff...

My Top Ten List Of Website Annoyances!
by Robert C. Potter - 2004-11-29 in Marketing

Easy navigation and useability are one of the most important aspects of creating a "user friendly" website!...

6 Ways To Effectively Market Your Site
by Angela Rohner - 2004-11-01 in Marketing

Search Engines and Directories: Submit your web site to the main search engines and web directories. Yahoo is the most important web directory to get listed in because 70% of the web's traffic comes f...

10 Steps To Higher Search Engine Positioning
by Dave Davies - 2004-10-14 in Marketing

This article outlines ten step which, if followed, will lead you to higher search engine positioning....

Importance of a PPC Bid Manager
by Robin Nobles - 2004-09-22 in Marketing

In past issues, I've discussed the pro's and con's of advertising on PPC engines like Overture, FindWhat, Sprinks, and others. I've mentioned how Overture has the advantage of offering you the most tr...

Evaulating Web Site Performance
by Michael Rasmussen - 2004-02-18 in Marketing

Setting up a website is the very first step of an Internet marketing campaign, and the success or failure of your site depends greatly on how specifically you have defined your website goals....

PPC SE Advetrising
by Christopher Berry - 2003-07-21 in Marketing

Many advertisers continue to use pay-per-click advertising because they are unaware of any alternatives. The fact is, there are very promising search engines that may be used as an alternative or sup...

Pay per click works
by Christopher Berry - 2003-01-22 in Marketing

A few years ago pay per click (PPC) search engines were born. I remember when the keyword on Overture (Formerly know as goto.com.) for web hosting went for under $1.00. Back then you placed your order...

You must spend money to make money
by Christopher Berry - 2003-01-22 in Marketing

The quote above is very true. Too many web hosting companies that start out do not do enough marketing and fail as a result. However, spending money on marketing does not mean you need to go into debt...

Tighten Your Focus - Ideas to better penetrate your marketspace
by - 2002-11-29 in Marketing

OK - unless you have VERY deep pockets to build your brand, offering hosting to the general population is going to be a tough nut to crack....

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