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9 Hot Tips to Increase Site Conversions
by Gary Klingsheim - 2009-02-10 in General Information

"Site conversion" is a very dry and unexciting way of saying "how to get more profits from the same amount of website traffic." Isn't that a more upbeat way of expressing it? Who doesn't want to get m...

Latest trend in hosting
by Daniel Briere - 2009-02-10 in General Information

What's one of the newest trends in Web hosting? Full-featured Website creation and hosting solutions that downplay the need for separatedesign and hosting functions altogether....

Hosting Professionals and Twitter
by Derek Vaughan - 2009-02-04 in General Information

Web hosting professionals are using the micro blogging tool Twitter in creative ways to inform customers, create interesting applications, and support the web hosting community. ...

RSS Feeds to Locate Jobs
by Sharon Housley - 2009-02-02 in General Information

Use RSS Feeds to locate jobs....

Use of blogs in SharePoint hosting sites with WSS 3.0
by Hosty Stiwads - 2009-01-28 in General Information

You can use blogs with Microsoft SharePoint hosting. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 has a versatile technology included in it known as Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0....

Stories that repeat - part 7
by Ivan Vachovsky - 2009-01-21 in General Information

Fun comparison of events that are one century apart...

Where Do You Get Ideas for Podcasting?
by Sharon Housley - 2009-01-19 in General Information

Tips for finding podcasting content....

Choosing a Web Application Programming Language
by Gary Klingsheim - 2008-12-16 in General Information

Among computer programming languages, there is no single application that does all the different things, in all the different ways, that programmers need. Because of the great number and diversity of ...

Simple Ways to Make Your Web Site More Useful to Your Visitors
by - 2008-12-12 in General Information

As a web site owner it is important to recognize your target market and make it as simple as possible for your potential customers to find your products or services. Internet users can be impatient, a...

SharePoint Hosting Services 3.0 Web Site with Document Libraries
by Hosty Stiwads - 2008-12-01 in General Information

Document libraries refer to a collection of files that one can share with his/her team members on a Web site which is based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. For example, one can create a comm...

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