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Using Multi-homing ISP Failover for Increased Internet Bandwidth and Reliability
by - 2009-07-27 in General Information

Organizations that depend on web-based applications eventually find they need more bandwidth and reliability. Relying on a single Internet service provider (ISP) to deliver business-critical applicati...

Avoid the pitfalls of tech startup - in three lessons
by Judy Shapiro - 2009-07-17 in General Information

In a recent article in Ad Age's DigitalNext, Warren Lee's article entitled "What Sank Veoh and Joost? Too Much Cash Too Soon" suggests that young companies raising too much money in a short amount of ...

Common Scenarios for Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller
by Hartono Oey - 2009-07-13 in General Information

There is a lot of scenario for becoming a web hosting reseller. This 4 scenario is the most common scenario that most of the reseller use. Try one of this or use all 4, its up to you....

Mere "Reseller" is Gone, "Web Services Reseller" is IN
by Nikita Jassuja - 2009-07-06 in General Information

The term Web Services simply states Web Based Software Application Services; reseller is a middle-man who sells web services on someone else's server. Reselling schemes vary widely....

Website Hosting Company for Sale
by Derek Vaughan - 2009-06-22 in General Information

Ever wondered where to find website hosting companies that are for sale? This piece examines two great resources which list web hosting companies for sale along with the asking prices....

Most Reliable Hosting in May
by Derek Vaughan - 2009-06-03 in General Information

Netcraft has released its survey of the most reliable hosting companies for May 2009. Netcraft is an Internet services company based in Bath, England. The company provides Internet security services, ...

How do you want to host Microsoft Exchange Server?
by Lisa Gecko - 2009-05-28 in General Information

If you are familiar with the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server, and you are considering deploying this robust messaging & collaboration platform, you should become familiar with your installation ...

Why Detroit Matters to You
by Daniel Briere - 2009-05-24 in General Information

For the longest time, Detroit failed to recognize the inferiority of their own products. "Why wouldn't anyone want gas-guzzling, boring, low-quality, over-priced vehicles?" they reasoned....

Anti-virus Approach Is Not Enough; We Need Default Deny Protection
by Melih Abdulhayoglu - 2009-05-22 in General Information

It makes no sense to use 20th century technology to protect our networks against 21st century threats....

Take Care of the Folks that Brought You to the Dance
by Alphonso Whitfield - 2009-05-21 in General Information

Surviving a downturn is difficult and there are no silver bullets to increase or maintain your current level of revenues. However, there are ways to alleviate the pain of declining sales....

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