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Blogging for Dummies - SharePoint as a Blog
by Hosty Stiwads - 2009-10-16 in General Information

This is the first article in a series designed to help answer the questions "What can SharePoint do?", and "How do I do that with SharePoint?". ...

Various Types of Web Hosting - Understanding Web Hosting
by - 2009-10-15 in General Information

Choosing Web hosting type can get somewhat confusing if you are not aware of the possible and popular web hosting types available in the market. I have tried to compile a list of possible web hosting ...

The Google Plan for Interplanetary Domination
by Amy Armitage - 2009-10-01 in General Information

Google, a company that some conspiracy theorists honestly believe has a plan for ultimate world domination, has a history of pulling April Fool's pranks that later end up as real products or policies....

How Big is Unlimited Hosting?
by Madan Kumar - 2009-09-04 in General Information

When we see the word unlimited in a web hosting ad we naturally think it means no limits. Web hosting companies rely heavily on this....

IIS is a Champion When It Comes to SEO Hosting
by Anthony Onaf - 2009-08-21 in General Information

IIS is a great choice for SEO Hosting. I have used IIS as my web server of choice for over eight years and it only gets better with time. This article attempts to show you the benefits of IIS web serv...

10 Key Reasons to Get Your Own Domain Name
by Amy Armitage - 2009-08-20 in General Information

There is a service you may have heard of, TinyURL, that will assign a short little URL when you want to provide a short link instead of a 46-letter one. Now, that can be handy for forwarding links to ...

The Future of SMBs in the Cloud
by Gena Fiegel - 2009-08-18 in General Information

SMBs have some specific needs for operating their business. On the application side, these areas include messaging, file servers, productivity applications, security, accounting/ecommerce, CRM, time t...

Energy Efficiency in the Data Center
by Lisa Gecko - 2009-08-17 in General Information

Hardware, licenses, applications, remote hands, even the expense of redundancy - none of it compares to the price of power in the data center; and power needs are increasing exponentially as processin...

HostingCon 2009 First Look
by Derek Vaughan - 2009-08-09 in General Information

The time for HostingCon 2009 has finally arrived. I arrived last evening (Saturday) to get a jump start on things and get oriented. This year's event is being held in the Gaylord Hotel just outside Wa...

Web Browsers - Which One Is The Best?
by Kabir Bedi - 2009-07-30 in General Information

The recent times have witnessed increasing competition among the various web browsers for the top spot....

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