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Advantages of Using cPanel
by Amy Armitage - 2010-01-05 in General Information

It has become such a common term that many people think "cPanel" is a generic name for any Web site control interface. In fact, it’s a company name and a commercial product that hosting firms bu...

Flexible Hosting with vSphere
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-01-04 in General Information

Hosting companies are famous for offering rock bottom deals—loads of space for next to nothing. But often, those “deals” come at a high price, requiring a cookie-cutter approach that...

6 Things To Look Out For On The Web In 2010
by Kabir Bedi - 2009-12-22 in General Information

As year 2010 draws to a close, everyone is buy looking towards what the World Wide Web has in store for the year ahead. At the pace at which the internet has been evolving, its quite impossible to pre...

Top 10 Email Safety Tips
by Joseph Volcy - 2009-12-14 in General Information

Today email security has become a major concern for businesses, due to the emergence of spam, viruses, phishing and identity theft. More than ever companies are feeling the need to secure their busine...

Apple Improves Security to Prevent App Piracy and Jailbreaking Practices on iPhone
by Hosty Stiwads - 2009-12-10 in General Information

A short time after Apple launched their App Store, reports of odd and unexplained spikes in new user numbers started flowing in. Developers started getting angry because the number of downloads report...

Ten Emerging Technologies That Are Changing the Way We Work
by Brian Easter - 2009-12-09 in General Information

Since the beginning of the information age, through the dot-com bubble and the Web 2.0 explosion, and now entering 2010, technology has had an increasingly large impact on the way we work....

Achieving Online Success - Some Myths and Facts
by Kabir Bedi - 2009-12-07 in General Information

In the Web 2.0 era, it has become indispensable for businesses to have a sound online presence. ...

Opening a Store or Renovating - Hosted SharePoint App May Help
by Hosty Stiwads - 2009-12-03 in General Information

Are you in a situation where you are opening or renovating a store and you are finding it difficult to manage different activities for each of these projects?  Opening a new store at a new location r...

Save Money on Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting with vSphere
by Lisa Gecko - 2009-12-01 in General Information

Virtualization helps server hosting companies save money by allowing server functions to live on fewer physical machines, saving space, power, maintenance, and up front acquisition costs. VMware takes...

Mobile Web Design - What Are The Benefits Of The Concept?
by Kabir Bedi - 2009-11-27 in General Information

The World Wide Web is a haven for information. People log on to the Internet to find information, interact with one another and share information and do what not....

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