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How to detect a fly-by-night host
by Daniel Briere - 2008-10-13 in General Information

A question I am often asked is how to determine whether a host is fly-by-night or here to stay. In other words, how does one know whether his host will be around in 3 years when he purchases a 3-year ...

Web hosting and economic downturns
by Daniel Briere - 2008-10-10 in General Information

Depending on your host, things can get much better or much worse. People usually stop spending money on things deemed un-necessary during a downturn, and hosting usually falls under this category....

A thought on unlimited hosting
by Daniel Briere - 2008-10-10 in General Information

Just a quick thought here on unlimited hosting: sure, there is no such thing as a hard drive with unlimited space, a common argument of those who are against unlimited hosting plans. But, have you eve...

Stories that repeat part 6
by Ivan Vachovsky - 2008-09-23 in General Information

Russian tycoon is telling a story, which could be applicable the U.S. bank crisis. ...

Four Reasons Why Windows VPS Hosting is Great for Game Developers
by - 2008-09-12 in General Information

Windows VPS Hosting plans are great for budget conscious game developers. Less expensive than a dedicated server yet offering similar services, Windows VPS Hosting plans are the perfect method to mini...

What Should You Know When Are You Going To Sign Up For Paid Web Hosting Service
by Bedrich Omacka - 2008-09-09 in General Information

Nowadays business is mainly based on commercial, on the way you are marketing your products. ...

Virtual Servers - They're Not Just Figments of Your Imagination
by - 2008-08-18 in General Information

A virtual server looks and acts like a regular server, but without its own hardware. Instead it shares all physical resources with other virtual servers on a physical host....

Top 10 Web Hosting Customers
by Neill Davidson - 2008-08-11 in General Information

This article outlines the Top 10 web hosting customers and how to market to them....

Optimizing Web Application Infrastructure
by - 2008-07-31 in General Information

Small-to-medium sized businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the power of the Web to sell goods and services and for Intranet connectivity to their employees. In order to succeed as an e-comm...

Will free hosting completely displace paid hosting?
by Daniel Briere - 2008-07-28 in General Information

So here's a question for you: is it possible that free hosting will ever completely displace paid hosting as the solution most personal and small-business users turn to? Is it possible that 10 years f...

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