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Marketing your web hosting company on a shoe string ideas for the cash strapped web host
by Rodney Ringler - 2006-11-21 in General Information

Free publicity in the form of a press release has been one angle that many web hosts have taken advantage of recently. The trend has been to submit releases to the two biggest media sources covering t...

Hosting types in a nutshell!
by D Champ - 2006-11-01 in General Information

Everything about hosting types you wanted to know…but was afraid to ask...

One man Web Hosting shops - making the best use of your resources
by Rodney Ringler - 2006-10-17 in General Information

The reality for many small one man web hosting outfits is a life in which one must wear several different hats, sometimes all at once. This article takes a look at an all too familiar buzzword in the ...

Hosting Services
by Blake Hendrickson - 2006-10-02 in General Information

There is a fine selection of reliable web hosting services on the market. Often these services host in a specific region....

Advantages to a Dedicated Server
by Rene Spronk - 2006-09-07 in General Information

If you’re exploring hosting options, surely you’ve thought about dedicated hosting and you may have even thought that a dedicated server is a little pricey, but do you know all the benefits of ded...

Choosing a Web Hosting Company for Your Online Business
by Lynn VanDyke - 2006-08-31 in General Information

Before registering your domain or starting your online business, read this article about 6 must-have features your hosting company should provide for no additional cost....

Data Backup in Web Hosting Industry
by Bedrich Omacka - 2006-08-29 in General Information

Data stored in your server cannot be lost as it puts a full stop to your business....

Checkouts & Security: Your Web Host Is Key
by Frederick Townes - 2006-08-15 in General Information

Unfortunately seven out of ten visitors who place an item in their carts never complete the sale. Many times, the problem lies in the site's checkout - its look, feel, security and most importantly, i...

Boost Web Host Market Share with Hosted Applications
by Rodney Ringler - 2006-07-18 in General Information

Web hosting companies are continually searching for new hosting plans and services to help differentiate them from the thousands of other web hosts. It is a difficult market to stand out in, with worl...

Planning Your Web Hosting Reseller Plan
by Tomas Labas - 2006-06-27 in General Information

The reselling of web hosting services became a profitable business. With an investment of one hundred dollars, you can get up to one thousand, but this involves a lot of work by your side of course. E...

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