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Web 2.0 Design Concepts
by - 2008-01-11 in General Information

Web 2.0 is a concept which refers to the second generation of web based services - like social platforms (MySpace, Friendster), communication tools, wikis and folksonomies etc. It was coined by Oâ€...

Technology's Influence on Politics
by Sharon Housley - 2008-01-04 in General Information

The Internet is positioned to play a huge role in elections. Whether that truly occurs remains to be seen. ...

How Green Is the Internet?
by Aaron Handford - 2007-11-05 in General Information

The Internet has a big carbon footprint. It is estimated that globally it takes about 868 billion kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per year to run the Internet, associated PCs, routing infrastructu...

Blog hosting. The standards of quality
by Anna Berk - 2007-10-10 in General Information

The present article describes the importance of paid web hosting services for blog hosting, compares paid and free web hosting services, explains the opportunities of stand-alone blog on a separate do...

25 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates
by Frederick Townes - 2007-09-19 in General Information

Search engine optimization is designed to attract search engine spiders. It's also intended to ensure that your site is accurately and completely optimized. But, once traffic arrives on site, conversi...

Personal Web Hosting Information
by Ed Dunham - 2007-08-21 in General Information

Personal web hosting is the best way to express yourself on the web. Personal web hosting is a great way to create a web site and keep in touch with friends and family from all over the world. ...

SEO Friendly Pages
by Colin Stables - 2007-06-26 in General Information

In Summary: 1.) Avoid using frames on your website. 2.) Do not present important information in Flash movies or in images. 3.) Use Meta tags on all your website pages. 4.) Use CSS (Cascading Style She...

Academia and Educators Utilize RSS Feeds
by Sharon Housley - 2007-06-05 in General Information

Academia has embraced RSS as a means to educate, but scrutinizing how educational institutions are using RSS feeds in their daily routines show RSS is utilized can vary across different industries. ...

What Do I Look For In A Hosting Company?
by Dr Watson Goh - 2007-06-01 in General Information

Are you always at a loss to find a reliable web hosting provider? If so, look no further, as you have come to the right place for such information. A simple no nonsense reply to finding reliable web h...

Why Musicians Should Podcast
by Sharon Housley - 2007-05-31 in General Information

Independent artists have long struggled to gain recognition and attract an audience. Without the backing of a major label it can be very difficult for independent artists to obtain radio play time, th...

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