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Will free hosting completely displace paid hosting?
by Daniel Briere - 2008-07-28 in General Information

So here's a question for you: is it possible that free hosting will ever completely displace paid hosting as the solution most personal and small-business users turn to? Is it possible that 10 years f...

Aptana RadRails: An IDE for Rails Development
by Shefali vasantraj nair - 2008-07-16 in General Information

A comprehensive guide to using RadRails to develop your Ruby on Rails projects in a professional and productive manner...

Unlimited/Oversold hosting and how it's changing the web hosting industry
by Daniel Briere - 2008-06-29 in General Information

Unless you've been living in a hole in the ground, chances are you've heard about (and probably participated in heated debates discussing) Web hosting overselling over the past couple of years. Howeve...

Slash Guy: an interview with Slashdot founder Rob Malda by Lunarpages' Amy Armitage
by Amy Armitage - 2008-06-23 in General Information

An interview with Slashdot founder Rob Malda by Lunarpages' Amy Armitage....

How to Optimize a Limited IT Budget
by - 2008-06-19 in General Information

Costs associated with deploying, maintaining and supporting web application infrastructure can de dramatically reduced with application delivery controllers and server load balancer products....

The 5-Minute Guide for Using Free Ecommerce Web Hosting
by - 2008-06-10 in General Information

When you first start up your ecommerce site, you can probably get away with using free ecommerce web hosting. That way, you can get things up and running without additional overhead. ...

Affordable Website Hosting Services - 5 Fantastic Tips To Ensure Satisfaction
by - 2008-06-02 in General Information

Affordable website hosting services are everywhere you look nowadays, but sadly many should be avoided and you should never blindly jump in and simply use the cheapest hosting service you come across....

Overselling - what the buyer (you) should know about it
by - 2008-05-28 in General Information

Overselling basically means to sell beyond the means of delivery. However, that's a little bit oversimplified. Maybe an example will help you get a clearer picture....

Tips for Choosing a Domain
by Sharon Housley - 2008-05-12 in General Information

Selecting a domain name is an important step in establishing a web business. Take your time and think carefully about selecting a domain, as it will be the hallmark of your online presence. ...

5 htaccess Tricks Every Webmaster Should Know
by - 2008-04-24 in General Information

Here are 5 sets of .htaccess directives every webmaster should know....

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