October 2018 General Information

Benefits Of Having A Website For Your Business
by Editor - 2018-10-26 in General Information

To have a website for your business is now second nature for companies hoping to succeed in 2018. Below is a run-down of some of the more prominent benefits of a website for your business, and how you...

Understanding Consensus Protocols And How They Can Affect Blockchain App Development
by Melissa Crooks - 2018-10-24 in General Information

Before anyone (app developers and development companies inclusive) can effectively adopt blockchain technology, it is highly important for them to get educated and understand how the system operates a...

Why To Choose Asp.Net Web Application Development Over PHP?
by Maulik Shah - 2018-10-22 in General Information

Choosing the right technology for your web application is crucial. Use the power of Asp.Net for your web application to get the best out of it....

Top 10 Tips For Effective Project Resource Planning
by Irfan Ahmed Khan - 2018-10-19 in General Information

Resource planning is an important part of not just project management, but it is the main component of any management agenda. Completing projects successfully is every project manager’s dream bu...

How To Convince Clients To Embrace Cloud Accounting?
by Lunna Walker - 2018-10-15 in General Information

It gets difficult to sway traditional clients into its lucrative advantages and ease-of-use. Long-established clients are set in their ways and can get skeptical about how safe it is to cloud accounti...

When Is The Right Time For SMEs To Adopt Cloud Accounting?
by Lunna Walker - 2018-10-09 in General Information

The rapid development of technology and cloud computing has created ample options and opportunities for growth of every industry. It is the right time to embrace and switch to cloud accounting before ...

5 Key Things You May Need When Starting A Business
by Editor - 2018-10-04 in General Information

Starting a new business can be like writing the first chapter of a new book. It can be an exciting new challenge as well as a chance to live out a dream you’ve always had. However, beyond all of...

Moving Your Website To A New Domain: Best Practices
by Brooke Faulkner - 2018-10-03 in General Information

Your domain name: It’s how people know how to find you and what you’re about. It’s the name of your website....

Follow These Tips To Create A WordPress Website In 24 Hours!
by Maulik Shah - 2018-10-02 in General Information

Are you looking to make a wordpress website? Starting a website can be a terrifying thought specially when you’re not techy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of people make websit...

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