August 2018 General Information

10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs
by Michelle Michelle - 2018-08-31

If you want a website that not only looks great but is also capable of generating new leads for your business, make sure your site has all of the following ten traits:


Productivity Tools For Developers
by Marina Marina - 2018-08-27

Productivity turns into a vague concept when speaking of jobs in the technology environment. Programming is one of the areas where productivity is really hard to measure and manage: a developer&rsq...

Maximizing Desktop-to-Mobile Site Migration [Infographic]
by Editor - 2018-08-23

In an age when so many of us spend several hours a day browsing our cellphones, the importance to companies of having a solid mobile presence has never been higher. Almost every business will have ...

How To Find The Right Machine Learning Platform That Performs Best?
by Robert Keller - 2018-08-22

At present, the machine learning is a latest trending field. Primarily, the machine learning is an application of the artificial intelligence.


3 Steps To Create A Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy
by Daniel Paul - 2018-08-21

Till a few years back, you could get away with no social media strategy so long you had your presence on major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. However, in 2018, things ...

How To Build A Website In 5 Hours
by Gary Wilkinson - 2018-08-20

Web development and web design are complex subjects that involve experience in coding, graphic design, and can often take weeks to months on an intensive project.


The Augmented Reality And Its Utility
by John Smith - 2018-08-15

The marketing faces a new evolution, and that is the augmented reality. This new technology will push the marketing one-step further and it will be quite a challenge for the marketing people that h...

Should You Get Into The Reseller Hosting Business?
by Jane Koval - 2018-08-13

If you want to make some money, especially if your main focus is a web design and/or development business, reseller hosting is a good choice for you. According to data from Statista, the global sha...

How Content Delivery Networks Improve Performance Of Your Online Business
by Andrew Stevenson - 2018-08-10

Content delivery networks are such a big deal nowadays. This is because people are waking up to the revelation of their amazing benefits. If you wish to take your online busin...

Understand The Significance For Large Scale Machine Learning
by Robert Keller - 2018-08-09

Machine learning is a fastest-growing area of mathematics, computer science and engineering. It has great impact over the artificial intelligence in making things easier for human beings.


The Importance Of IT Jobs In Today's World
by Mohd.Sohel Ather - 2018-08-03

Information technology has become very important for most organizations and industries. Even small scale industries today feel the need for IT professionals.


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