Domain Names

Top Six GTLD Questions For Brands, According To Digital Brand Strategy Expert Jennifer Wolfe
by Wolfe Domain - 2013-05-29

With the first wave of generic top level domains (gTLDs) set to launch this summer, followed by a wave of brand-controlled domains in the fourth quarter of 2013 and into 2014, the new Internet is u...

Master Of Your Domain - Protecting A Brand From Prefix Pretenders
by Abby Hardoon - 2013-05-09

It could be argued that the most valuable asset of any business is its brand.  Marketing departments lose sleep creating meticulously crafted ad campaigns, pushing for prudently timed press co...

Find A Domain Name
by fellowdomain fellowdomain - 2012-10-04

Are you thinking of the name for your website? Do you face difficulties in finding the right combination, or you are just short of creativity? This article will provide useful information about how...

Difference Between Domain Names And Web Hosting
by Garen Arnold - 2012-05-03

Interested in knowing what the differance is between a domain name and web hosting service. This article will show you the difference.


All You Need To Know About Domain Names
by Nick Roche - 2011-07-06

If you have a presence on the internet (or if you are considering it) then having your own internet domain name adds to your credibility.  It also means your I.T. infrastructure can change beh...

Top Level Domains To Shake Up The Web? Not Exactly
by Roger Janik - 2011-06-23

There's been a lot of press lately regarding ICANN's decision to allow the creation of just about any type of domain ending.  Meaning that .com, .org, .edu and others which currently number ab...

Best Five Tips Register Domain Names and Dedicated Web Hosting
by Webical solutions - 2011-05-03

Picking out the most relevant and best domain name for your business is very important. But what if you do not get what you require? There are hundreds of websites that deal with domain registratio...

Domain Names for Search Engine Optimization
by Garen Arnold - 2011-04-21

It is important that you choose your domain name carefully if you care one bit about your search engine rankings. When choosing a domain name (there are many registrars Go Daddy is an example of on...

Choosing The Right Domain Name
by EladDomb - 2011-03-21

It would seem logical for someone who is deciding on an domain name for their web based business or blog, something that has the potential to be seen by thousands of visitors, that they must choose...

Maximizing Revenues with a Solid Domain Strategy
by Jeremiah Johnston - 2011-02-24

Retailers are all too familiar with the fact that over 71% of all U.S. adults shop online. However, with more and more shoppers beginning their online shopping on search engines and marketplaces, r...

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