Domain Names

Domain Name Selection – What You Should Do To Get It Right The First Time?
by Charlie Brown - 2018-11-13 in Domain Names

A domain name is not a website address, but much more and business owners have to be very careful in choosing the name for websites that becomes an identity of the business....

Domain Facts (Infographic)
by Nick Galov - 2018-10-16 in Domain Names

But did you decide on a domain name already? Do you have a concept about your site? Do you realize how intertwined the two are? If you answer “no” to either of the above questions, stop ri...

The Ins And Outs Of Registering And Protecting Your Business Domain
by Boris Dzhingarov - 2018-08-06 in Domain Names

You may see advertisements explaining how easy it is for business owners to first find, purchase, register, and host a domain, and then to set up their own websites....

GDPR And Domain Names - What You Need To Know
by Daniel Briere - 2018-06-11 in Domain Names

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation has lasting ramifications for domain owners and the entire Internet...

Guidance For Domain Transfer Process
by Jennifer Thomas - 2018-05-11 in Domain Names

Numerous individuals sell domain, VPS Hosting Plans or generally end up in a circumstance where they must exchange domain name proprietorship....

How To Fix DNS Server When It's Not Responding
by Caroline Bird - 2018-01-26 in Domain Names

If your ISP cannot find the problem, you may need to search for a DNS server problem fix through alternative means. If you have another device like your smartphone working, search engine searches may ...

What Can Small Businesses Learn From Domain Name Trends In 2017
by James Cummings - 2017-12-13 in Domain Names

Unlike a website logo or design, changing a business domain name isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Which makes it essential for entrepreneurs to pick a domain name and extension that serves ...

Tips About Domain Name Registration And Protection
by Khanh Ngo - 2017-10-18 in Domain Names

A domain name is an identification which infers to a space of administrative control or authority on the Internet. DNS (Domain Name System) forms the structure and rules of a Domain name. A parallel c...

8 Ways To Protect Your Domain Name From Hackers
by Khanh Ngo - 2017-10-12 in Domain Names

A domain name of any company or business is one of the most valuable assets. No matter if you are using your domain name for years or just have started, you have to make sure the domain is always safe...

How To Select Domain And Create A Profitable Blog
by Joshua Althauser - 2017-08-03 in Domain Names

Creating a compelling blog, one that is not drowned out in the Internet’s sea of noise, is an exceedingly difficult task....

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