Domain Names

Tips About Domain Name Registration And Protection
by Khanh Ngo - 2017-10-18 in Domain Names

A domain name is an identification which infers to a space of administrative control or authority on the Internet. DNS (Domain Name System) forms the structure and rules of a Domain name. A parallel c...

8 Ways To Protect Your Domain Name From Hackers
by Khanh Ngo - 2017-10-12 in Domain Names

A domain name of any company or business is one of the most valuable assets. No matter if you are using your domain name for years or just have started, you have to make sure the domain is always safe...

How To Select Domain And Create A Profitable Blog
by Joshua Althauser - 2017-08-03 in Domain Names

Creating a compelling blog, one that is not drowned out in the Internet’s sea of noise, is an exceedingly difficult task....

5 Tips On How To Select The Best Domain Name For Your Business
by Jaydeep B - 2017-03-22 in Domain Names

What is your Business address online? Domain name is your buisness or brand online identity. Before selecting your domain go through this article....

Fad, Shmad! New Domain Extensions Are Here To Stay
by Bill Glenn - 2016-09-19 in Domain Names

To say that interest in and use of new domain extensions has exploded recently is an understatement, with approximately 12 million already in existence....

Beyond The .COM! New Domain Names Are Perfect For SMBs And Startups
by Taryn Naidu - 2016-07-29 in Domain Names

One of the first and most important decisions any CEO, founder, or startup is going to make is what to name the company. It’s a decision that will inform every phase of your business’ futu...

Top Websites For Buying Expired Domains
by Michael Jonathan - 2016-03-30 in Domain Names

You can buy expired domains with high PR in a very affordable rate. For example, a domain with PR 3 and 12 years of age may cost you less than 2 dollars. But purchasing it is not an easy task. You nee...

How To Rank Websites With CcTLDs Well
by Elizabeth - 2015-05-26 in Domain Names

Do you have a website with ccTLD domain? Are you struggling with how to help it rise in Google rankings, then read on to find out how you can do that?...

Unraveling The Importance Of My SQL Database In Web Hosting Package
by Florence Taylor - 2015-04-16 in Domain Names

To evolve the online dignity, it is crucial to move with the database-driven world. Today, as we are all pacing towards dynamic websites in order to achieve remarkable success, hosting services with a...

Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Registration Company
by Saanvi Singh - 2014-11-21 in Domain Names

If you are into the business of making websites then you must be aware of the term domain registration and its importance. But, if you are just stepping into the world of website making this might app...

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