Cloud Computing

Advantages of Uniting Cloud Hosting Concept with Dedicated Hosting
by BrainPulse - 2011-01-04 in Cloud Computing

The arrangement of dedicated hosting has always been among the favorites in the web hosting industry. It a service that enables you to own a complete web server on rental basis for your own private us...

Cloud Computing Security Threats Identify Cloud Security Breaches
by Santosh shrivastava - 2010-10-29 in Cloud Computing

Cloud environment constantly faces constant threats from security breaches and malicious attacks from insider as well as outsider sources. Experts believe on adapting precautionary measures like tough...

Infrastructure management: Overview of Enterprise Cloud Enablement Solutions
by Andreina Fernandez - 2010-10-04 in Cloud Computing

In any business infrastructure, the essential policies, equipments, data, human resources, etc are highly dependant on the way they are managed. Infrastructure management is a critical component in th...

Cloud Hosting Providers: Pulling Aside the Marketing Curtain
by Roko Nastic - 2010-09-23 in Cloud Computing

When it comes time to choose a new hosting provider, companies everywhere are reaching for the cloud. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you end up with a true cloud host and not a marketing gim...

Differences Between Dedicated Server, Cloud Computing and VPS
by Jack Palmer - 2010-07-26 in Cloud Computing

Many people still do not know or are confused when speaking of the major differences between Cloud Server Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers. Starting with the most basic, yo...

Cloud Computing vs Grid Computing
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-19 in Cloud Computing

Grid computing has been around for a long time, and sometime is confused with cloud computing. To be honest, these processes are not the same and should not be confused with each other. Cloud and grid...

Cloud Computing Concerns
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-12 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is still in its infancy, and many concerns about the service have not been resolved, and some probably have not been thought about. When shopping around for a cloud computing company, ...

Cloud computing is what it is all about
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-07 in Cloud Computing

When it comes to the future of IT, cloud computing is what it is all about. Even traditional software companies, such as Microsoft, are turning their software into applications that are more cloud fri...

It`s all about: Cloud Computing
by Seozest - 2010-04-13 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has opened the world of new opportunities for Information Technology Industry. The enterprises are quite optimistic about this new buzz. Cloud computing as a "computing model", has cha...

Business Benefits of Cloud Computing and the Dynamic Data Center
by Richard Stasior - 2010-04-06 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing incorporates virtualization, data and application on-demand deployment, online delivery of services and open source software to provide significant business benefits. Through virtualiz...

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