Cloud Computing

Will Colocation Services Survive Through The Advent Of Cloud Technology?
by Dirik Hameed - 2011-08-09 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the hottest topics in enterprise IT today. However, it's important to take all the hype and raves about it with a grain of salt. You need to be more critical if you're consid...

Sony Network Breach Shows Amazon Cloud's Appeal For Hackers
by Donald Carroll - 2011-08-08 in Cloud Computing

For three pennies an hour, hackers can rent Amazon.com Inc.'s servers to wage cyber attacks such as the one that crippled Sony Corp.'s PlayStation Network and led to the second-largest online data bre...

What Is Cloud Computing?
by EladDomb - 2011-07-05 in Cloud Computing

By now most of us have heard the catch phrase "the Cloud" whether it is the actual concept of cloud computing or the branded iteration from retailers such as Microsoft's "The Cloud." Everyone is eager...

Introduction To Cloud Computing Platforms
by David Frankk - 2011-07-04 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the use of multiple server-based computational resources. These resources can be accessed through various digital networks such as WAN, Internet, etc. The resources of the se...

4 Important Tips On How Companies Can Prepare For Cloud Outages
by Editor - 2011-06-24 in Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting and cloud computing is all the buzz these days. But after the outages Amazon faced a couple months ago, everyone is interested in how businesses can prevent possible cloud outages. The l...

What Is Actually The Advantages Of Cloud Hosting
by Annie Freshourzm - 2011-06-22 in Cloud Computing

cPanel is actually a software firm that was established in 1977. The main objective of the business is to offer users with web hosting facilities. A hosting company whom offers cPanel Web Hosting enab...

What is "Cloud Computing"?
by David Frankk - 2011-05-11 in Cloud Computing

The name cloud computing comes from the cloud symbol that is often used in flowcharts for representing Internet. Cloud computing defines delivering of the hosted services over the Internet. These serv...

7 Cloud Computing Stocks You Should Own
by Andre Bradley - 2011-04-14 in Cloud Computing

You have seen those commercials on television, in which families are graphically improving family photos and using cloud computing to extract saved photos and photo software to do the task. You have b...

Differentiating Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing Environments
by Jon Smith - 2011-03-14 in Cloud Computing

In its current form, cloud computing has been around for a few years now, yet many are still confused by the terminology used to describe the various types of clouds. This has not been helped by priva...

Cloud Hosting Brought Down to Earth
by David Anderson - 2011-02-14 in Cloud Computing

So you’ve been hearing a lot of talk about this thing called “Cloud Hosting”, the next intangible, ambiguous new entity poised to “revolutionize” the Internet yet again. ...

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