Cloud Computing

How AWS Cloud Hosting Can Help An ECommerce Business Blossom
by Marie Nieves - 2021-12-13 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been making waves for quite some time now, due to its massive advantages. This trend didn’t bypass the world of eCommerce either, so there has been a definite shift from trad...

5 Cloud Security Resources That You Should Be Using
by Ankit Thakor - 2021-11-24 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized digital storage completely. Not long ago, we used floppy disks to store our data, which later evolved to compact discs and flash drives, and now we have cloud comput...

Increase Your Cloud Operations Intensity With Only Cloud Managed Services
by Divyesh Aegis - 2021-11-22 in Cloud Computing

Others choose a managed cloud service provider that can handle a wider mission and has a clear vision for managing hybrid environments and resources...

How Does Cloud Computing Transforming The Accounting Industry?
by nancy parker - 2021-11-19 in Cloud Computing

Nowadays, the impact of globalization, the speedy advances in science and technology, the increase of massive knowledge, the wide unfold of internet-based applications and even standardization have cr...

The Most Popular Cloud Migration Strategies: Rehosting, Replatforming, Refactoring
by Simcha Michael - 2021-11-12 in Cloud Computing

Covid-19 might have affected your cloud plans. But for sure, it's not a bad change! 90% of enterprises and SMB used cloud higher than they had planned....

6 Undeniable Reasons Why A Single Cloud Services Provider Is All You Need
by Mitchell Johnson - 2021-11-10 in Cloud Computing

A single cloud services provider enables organizations to serve any and all applications/ services from a single cloud. The organization can move workloads to the cloud a...

The Pros Of Cloud Storage
by Flentas Technology - 2021-11-03 in Cloud Computing

Cloud storage as we all know is the data residing on a removable storage device that can be accessed via a server. Without much ado, let’s have a look at the pros of cloud storage in this articl...

Best Cloud Gaming Services In 2021
by Abie John - 2021-09-28 in Cloud Computing

Today gaming has become an expensive hobby. This is because every day some new game is released. Apart from this, the requirement of the system also keeps on increasing every year which also requires ...

Salesforce And AWS: Which Is A Better Technology?
by Shardul Bhatt - 2021-06-30 in Cloud Computing

Salesforce and AWS are cloud computing providers that empower organizations with digital technologies. Here are the differences you need to know about them....

Cloud Computing Risks And Challenges Businesses Shouldn't Be Ignoring
by Lauren Wiseman - 2021-06-24 in Cloud Computing

The cloud landscape has evolved immensely over the last decade. Migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure has become the norm among modern businesses, which comes as no surprise considering all the sc...

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