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How to Choose a Reliable Web Host?
by Maria - 2004-02-29 in Choose your Host

The first thing you should do before beginning your search for a reliable web host, is to make a list of your specific web hosting needs....

10 helpful tips to follow when switching web hosts
by Russ Mate - 2004-02-25 in Choose your Host

You've made your decision to move from your website from your current web host to a new web host....

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company
by Herman Drost - 2004-02-16 in Choose your Host

Ok, you have your web site built and are now confused as to all the choices you have in order to find a home for your site....

Sometimes It's The Little Things That Count!
by Joe Reinbold - 2004-01-25 in Choose your Host

Recently, I decided to switch my web hosting company. I had been with my last hosting company for almost two years but I was having continuing problems with their system. So I switched and I am up and...

Don’t Make My Hosting Mistakes!
by Boris Mordkovich - 2003-12-16 in Choose your Host

During the course of our business, HostVoice serves many customers and sees many situations plaguing webmasters out there. Here are 10 true-life hosting mistakes our customers tell us they learn from ...

Windows or Linux Hosting. Which Is Right For You?
by Boris Mordkovich - 2003-12-10 in Choose your Host

If you’re a new or casual Webmaster and your site is non-revenue generating with static HTML pages you generated from boxed software, you probably are hosted on a Linux server....

Changing Web Hosts? Know-How With This Step-By-Step Guide
by Boris Mordkovich - 2003-12-09 in Choose your Host

Every webmaster cringes at the thought of moving hosts. Like moving your home it can be messy and sometimes problems arise. But if you follow these simple steps, your move will be less painful....

Bandwidth Or Data Transfer – Which is Which?
by Boris Mordkovich - 2003-12-08 in Choose your Host

Too often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer in the same breath but truth be known they are different although very closely related. Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred at a ti...

Unbiased Step-by-Step Guide on Web Hosting
by Pavel Lenshin - 2003-08-03 in Choose your Host

This is a step-by step guide on how to research and choose the right hosting plan for your unique internet venture that helps you avoid costly and long lasted mistakes. Choose the hosting service you ...

Web Site Hosting Guide 1 - Asking the right questions & host reviews strategies
by Michael Bloch - 2003-06-25 in Choose your Host

The web hosting industry has become increasingly competitive. A recent search on a popular engine with relevant criteria returned millions of results from thousands of organisations offering site stor...

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