Dedicated Web Hosting Round Up


Dedicated web hosting allows managing of the web server and exercising of control on web presence, renting the entire server. The difference between shared and dedicated hosting is in the degree of managing of the server. The shared web hosting plan allows many companies to use the same server. The dedicated server plans allows one company to use the web space and to manage the entire server.

State-of-the-art equipment of a dedicated web hosting plan allows the customer to pre-configurate the server, using the entire server and operating and managing the facility.

Dedicated services are different from the shared in price and in the providing optimal control over the server, allowing the customers to choose the best set of configuration and connectivity to operate their dedicated server and online business.

Multimedia, Databases and e-commerce require more server control and the dedicated solution is the best option in choosing web hosting services.   Dedicated web hosting is the perfect solution for businesses that work with high traffic.

The dedicated web hosting solution provides the option to operate the server and the same time to receive a complete monitoring and hardware support service, since the hosting provider is responsible for fixing the equipment at no cost. The advantage is in the specific custom integration between server platform, software and configuration. One more plus is that maintenance, security, and reliability of your web server are the web hosting provider’s concerns.

It is important to be known that customers who choose dedicated hosting over the other web hosting services will need to have knowledge in IT and server administration. This is required in order to easily maintain the server. Also this can require some time and financial investment. If you don’t have a competence in server operating, you may find the need to hire someone to help you with managing of the server. It is possible the hosting company to provide hourly technical support services which will be of your help.



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