Site Bread and Butter work – The Web and Graphic Designer’s loss of EASY dollars

2002-11-27by Alec Ellis

With the provision of a local ‘Control Panel', on your computer ready to adjust the slightest of web site changes, additions or corrections; Web Designers or even traditional Graphic Designers can use, web hosting company, M6.net's newest creation to bring in extra income; to reverse that loss of EASY dollars.

What is it that website clients really want from their web designers?

After the creation of a client's website, the web designer usually goes away hoping that the client will not destroy his design, believing they will; after he has pointed the client to FrontPage or Dreamweaver to maintain it. Web site clients do not really want to maintain or update their websites, most businesses have not got the time to ‘play' around, they just want the site finished and updated from time to time.

This is exactly what happens with traditional Graphic Designers; clients want to know that from time to time they can come back and update, or change totally, the content without the general design changing; quickly, and for a regular price, not a one off higher price as they were charged for the original job.

As a graphic or web designer, you will be in the position to offer your clients web hosting. They trust your decisions and love your work, but they don't really want to start something with you, then have to deal with someone independent to run their website, or update it or change it in anyway, after you have finished and left them. If you could host them under your own web hosting account (with a multiple website hosting account) and control yours and their websites all from the same control panel on your own account, you would be offering yet another regular client service.

You can charge them for web hosting, which they will have had to do anyway, but for a better price and more resources than their previous web host; and you can earn more by doing ‘web' bread and butter work, as you have been doing for years as a Designer. This bread and butter work, as most Designers know, is a very substantial part of a studio's income, and with the use of the control panel, can be approached as just another design ‘service' provided to your regular clients.

Just think, Graphic Design campaigns; and Graphic Design bread and butter work; Web design website campaigns; and, website bread and butter work; four incomes from services and a ‘side plate' of web hosting fees.

As a Graphic or Web Designer, there is no more fear of the client destroying your ‘master' creation; loss of that easy-money in updates and corrections to the ‘junior' in the clients office; but the plus is the relaxation knowing that this is just an extension to the service you have been providing for years.

Leave the support to the web host; get your clients to pay for your account; and sit back knowing you've got more brainless updates, and corrections for YOUR office junior, ensuring that nice and steady flow of web bread and butter income.

The control panel will be coming out next week, WITH A FREE ONLINE MANUAL, approximately 21st November 2001; if you wish to be informed of the release, just email us at sales@m6.net and ask for Clayton, who will provide you with ANY info you require.

This is the next level for Graphic and Web Designers, ensuring your designs will last; that they wont be destroyed by the client; guaranteeing that your online Port Folio remains a ‘killer' and not killed; and finally providing you with the right to earn on those site changes.

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