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2003-01-22by Christopher Berry

A few years ago pay per click (PPC) search engines were born. I remember when the keyword on Overture (Formerly know as goto.com.) for web hosting went for under $1.00. Back then you placed your order, your account was activated almost immediately and you saw traffic right away. It is pretty much the same today, but keywords are much more expensive and you know have a 3-5 business day delay to get your listing approved. Since the dawn of pay per click web sites, we have seen a number of them born. Because of the growth, you now pay more for a keyword on the older search engines and less on the newer versions. Either way, PPC advertising works.

The philosophy is simple. You bid on a particular keyword, lets say $0.50 per click. So, every time a user logs onto a pay per click search engine and searches for that keyword. The search engine finds my listing at the top and the user clicks on it. I am then charged that amount. Simple technology that actually works.

I have selected a few pay per click search engines to check out.

1. TowerSearch.com
2. Google.com
3. PageSeeker.com
4. Sprinks.com
5. Overture.com

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