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2009-02-10by Daniel Briere

What's one of the newest trends in Web hosting? Full-featured Website creation and hosting solutions that downplay the need for separatedesign and hosting functions altogether. As the Internet reaches more and more small business people who are less Internet-savvy overall, the greater the need for a seamless Website creation and publishing experience. The latest example of this is the move by TemplateMonster to create just such a service. Having been a partner of Web hosts for years, the move is a definite surprise, and is sure to alienate many partners and affiliates. However, the new service by Template Monster (which offers the Website builder integrated into the hosting, and a free domain) meets the needs of a lot of people, and ensures Template Monster sticks around (the downloadable Website template category is certainly dying). Does this mean all hosting is moving in this direction? Of course not. But you will see this become a very large market. Daniel Briere is the CEO of Interventures, a free web hosting provider.

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Daniel Briere

Daniel Briere


Daniel Briere is the President of iHostingX.com, a full-service cloud hosting and domain registration provider. He has worked in various capacities in the Web hosting industry since 2004. Daniel can be reached via email at ceo@ihostingx.com.

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