Stories that repeat - part 2

2005-09-19by Ivan Vachovsky

Modern lawyers using Spanish sailors' tricks

The story.

It happened sometimes in the middle centuries. A Spanish ship got damaged and thrown by the winds at the shores of an unknown island. Fortunately for the sailors the islanders turned to be friendly and would even provide water and food in exchange for whatever the sailors got. Sailors would have few golden coins with very high value and many copper coins with little value back home. They were not home though. So the sailors decided that they will get more if they pretend to praise the copper coins more than the golden ones.

The repetition.

Mister X of a big law firm has worked hard for long years and has built a strong reputation. He and a colleague of his Mr. Y decide to start their own law firm. First thing they realize is that no reputable attorney is willing to work for them unless as a partner. They do not want to take too many partners so they proceed and hire second and third level attorneys and junior attorneys. Here you have your two expensive golden coins and many inexpensive copper coins. Our friends X and Y reach the wisdom of the Spanish sailors quickly. Sell the golden coins cheap and charge solid for the copper coins. They would approach new customers with their own resumes and skills plus attractive discounted rates. Naive first time customers would be impressed and hire them in an eye blink. What happens thereafter is a fast switch to your copper coin attorney at a rate which is anything but discounted for what you get. Mrs. X and Y love the model for administrative cases and discovery phase of litigation. There is little or no responsibility there and the model flourishes. Mrs. X and Y will advise you to quit when things get tough. The work in advanced litigation stage becomes too complex and too difficult for a junior to do. The model is not working anymore. Mrs. X and Y understand that their participation is needed and this is not want they want. This is against their model. So they would advise you that you have no chances in said litigation and it is your best interest to quit.
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