The Google Plan for Interplanetary Domination

2009-10-01 by Amy Armitage

Google, a company that some conspiracy theorists honestly believe has a plan for ultimate world domination, has a history of pulling April Fool’s pranks that later end up as real products or policies. In the last several years, two particular jokes had to do with the exploration and colonization of the solar system. It is clear from subsequent events that there may be a different angle to Google’s domination plans, one that doesn’t involve Earth at all.

The evidence now being uncovered points to the Moon and Mars as being the objects of Google’s takeover plans, not Earth. Earth is on its way out anyway, observes Google-watcher Max Fulton, a space colonization expert and 7th grade science teacher in Omaha, Nebraska. Fulton claims that the so-called April Fool’s jokes of 2007 and 2008 Project Copernicus, the lunar hosting and research site, and Project Virgle, the first human colony on Mars were released on April 1st specifically to convince people they were just pranks, instead of the diabolical plans for intergalactic tyranny that they really are.

Clues Abound

Fulton and others claim that the clues are all around us and that the entire Google conspiracy can be teased out from the headlines, Internet forum chats, government leaks and reruns of the Nancy Grace cable-TV show. Put the clues together in the right way, say the conspiracy pros, and the story line becomes quite clear. Asking the right questions, too, is extremely important.

Do we have the technology to host Internet servers on the moon? asks Maria Escuela, rhetorically. Of course. And you know we can get there. You put it together. Escuela is correct that high-powered transmitters, the fleet of Earth satellites and the fact that Google has more money that the Vatican and Fort Knox put together all add up to an enticing probability. In my opinion, Escuela says, Google got to the Moon at least a year before they posted their disinformation about Project Copernicus.

Mars, then Jupiter?

The Mars project is codenamed Project Virgle, and got its name from the two companies cooperating on the endeavor, Virgin and Google. Virgin’s mini-billionaire Richard Branson, along with Google’s mega-billionaires Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have still not denied any of the claims made by those who are investigating the April Fool’s stories. Why the silence? Why the refusal to confront these allegations? Why isn’t Google saying anything about all this? It appears there may be something to hide, and often that thing turns out to be the truth.

Another clue is in the partnership more precisely, the partner involved in Project Virgle with the Google duo. Branson owns an airline, and has long been an avowed fan of space travel, even investing in some 21st century space-race startup companies. Who better to team up with for the colonization of Mars and, the rumors insist, Jupiter after that? There is no telling how many scientists, aviators, baggage handlers and flight attendants Branson has already loaned to Project Virgle. With his money, connections and famous predilection for disappearing for hours every other Friday night ostensibly for a poker game with other wealthy power brokers Branson is just the sort of experienced agent of influence that the young, less-worldly Google guys need.

Who can save us?

Clearly, the April Fool’s stories were planted to distract the world from the truth of Google’s solar system takeover. When the company makes an April Fool’s announcement, the fact is that they come true. The Gmail service was announced on April 1st of 2004. Does anyone seriously doubt that Gmail is a real, working e-mail system? Of course not! Still, the public is woefully ignorant of the real danger posed by Google, and there are few white knights out there spreading the word and preparing to defend truth, justice and the Internet way.

It is no accident that the firm is named after the Moon, and its executives are experts on everything lunar. They are watching closely the actions of the Google/Virgin conspiracy, so keep checking in and you will hear them raise the alarm at the appropriate time. Until then, you will likely hear no more stories about the Google plan for interplanetary domination, unless they are to debunk the idea or call the whistleblowers crazy morons. Now that you know the way things really work, the silence and/or denials about this subject should be just about all the proof you need!

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