Hosting types in a nutshell!

2006-11-01by D Champ

This article will end confusion about different hosting types. Below are described all hosting types you need to know about.

Free hosting - is a type of hosting where you don't have to pay for your space with money, but the service is often compensated with advertisements. Free hosting offers poor or no support at all and has many other disadvantages. Free hosting is more a thing of past, since hosting has become very cheap.

Shared hosting - is the most popular and widely used type of web hosting. Shared means that multiple sites are hosted on the same hard drive and the same server. Each user is limited to a specific space allotment and data transfer.

Reseller hosting - means reselling hosting accounts for a web host under your own brand, pricing structure and everything else. Reseller is provided with all the things he needs, and does not need any hardware. His job is marketing and selling accounts.

Virtual Private Server - is a low cost solution for your own server. Virtual means that you do not rent a real server, but rather split hardware with other virtual servers on the same machine. However Virtual Private Server (often called VPS) provides everything that a real server does: root access, installing your own programs, hosting unlimited domains and more.

Dedicated Server - is an advanced type of hosting which includes rental and exclusive use of a computer, software and internet connection. Dedicated server provides far more control than any other type of hosting, but also means a greater responsibility, since the client has to manage the server himself. Dedicated server is the best solution for big web sites with lots of daily users.

Managed hosting - is an expanded dedicated server hosting. With dedicated server the client takes care of the server, but with managed hosting it is the responsibility of the hosting provider. It includes all the benefits of dedicated server plus server management, maintenance and monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Colocation - is a type of hosting where you bring your own server to your hosts data center. Hosting company provides you rack space, internet connection, controlled environment (air temperature, security, redundancy) and IT staff available for help.

Clustered hosting - is a hosting type used by the greatest and most important web sites. Clustered means that the same content is served on multiple servers (often referred as mirrors). This enables better resource managing and redundancy.

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