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2004-10-25 by Ed Zivkovic

CubeCart is an eCommerce script written with PHP and MySQL CubeCart is a complete eCommerce script that can manage all your products easily.

Create categories and sub categories with the click of a button. No worries about organizing your categories either because you can move any category around anywhere you want.

CubeCart also keeps good records and has an easy to use menu interface.

What's the catch? Does it cost anything?

It costs nothing to download and use CubeCart on an unlimited number of computer systems but you cannot remove the original Software's proprietary notices.

Don't worry. They have not got their logo plastered all over the place. They have just a couple of text links pointing back to their site. If you have a need to remove these notices, you can register a copy of the software for a small fee.

No worries if you don't know how to install it because they can do that for a small fee also.

You will need to make sure your web hosting company has PHP 4.1.1 or better, MySQL 3.23 or better and GD 1.6 or better installed.

If you have no web host yet and want CubeCart, you are lucky because all you need to do is select the host which has all the necessary requrements and away you go.

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