5 Steps To Successful SEO And E-commerce (Step 5)

2004-11-24by Serge Thibodeau

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The importance of advertising, promotion and the proper marketing of your e-commerce and online business can never be under-estimated. Step five is a bit rudimentary, but necessary. Here, the old methods usually work as well as the new ones.


You might try advertising your site locally, in your city using newspapers or with the use of flyers. I have a few clients that tried banner advertising, with mixed results. Banner advertising worked better in the younger days of the Internet. Today, most people look to Google or the other major search engines for their buying or shopping. You could try banner advertising on a few selected websites where you really think your audience could be, but I wouldn't waste too many resources on that.

If you have the budget, other e-commerce advertising medias could be radio or tv adds on selected "prime-time" programs. Just make certain that is really the target audience you need for the products and services you offer on your online storefront.



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