5 Steps To Successful SEO And E-commerce (Step 3)

2004-11-24by Serge Thibodeau

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Step 3

After carefully choosing a serious Web hosting provider, your next important step is the careful selection of your e-commerce application software, which will be your "store power-plant" that will make your e-commerce site perform seamlessly, if done correctly. This is one of the most critical and important steps in the whole process of building your e-commerce business.

If you are really serious about investing in a good, professionally integrated and secure solution, you will need more than just software. This is sometimes the area where some people get into trouble. Most inexpensive e-commerce software are not designed for serious day-to-day use and can in fact circumvent some if not all of your efforts at success. There are many application and software vendors that will promise you many features and benefits. If at all possible, ask for a free 30-day trial, with full refund if your results are not satisfactory. It is really worth your time to shop carefully here and don't be afraid to ask pointed questions. More than anything else, make sure to ask for referrals of satisfied clients and URL's of e-commerce storefronts that are using the application you are contemplating buying.

Increasingly, more and more companies and online businesses are relying on Application Service Providers or ASP's for a more balanced and sometimes more economical solution. With an ASP, you rent your application instead of buying it.

It may be more feasible for you to do so. But again, ask many questions and compare the many plans available to you. Also, ask if there are any hidden set-up fees or penalties if you move from one ASP provider to another. Whatever you do, don't "lock yourself" into a plan any longer than 12 months, if at all possible.

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