Hosting Matters When It Comes To Interactive Marketing

2009-09-08by Santosh Shrivastava

While choosing any Web Hosting Company, the major things that an individual focuses on are price, technology and recommendations. Of course, these three vital requirements form the basis of your market research, but to come up with the most apt web hosting company for your own interactive marketing initiatives, it is important for you to focus on a few more factors.

Tools and Services: One of the most important factors that you must pay heed to while selecting your preferred web hosting company is proper analysis of tools and services they support. Inquire well about the statistics or the web analytics packages that your host offers since you would not like to pay to an external source for your Web analytics package. Generally, most of the hosts maintain c relationships with Web analytics vendors to offer their client the option of powerful site measurement tools in their complete hosting packages. Inclusion of a site building tool in your web hosting package is a real good deal for your business with no Web development resources, however buyers should be careful of its impact on their your Search Marketing initiatives. Most WYSIWYG site building applications hamper the task of optimizing your site for the search engines. Moreover, these tools in many cases avert SEO best practices from getting included in your website.

Ecommerce packages: Another thing that most web hosts offer these days is eCommerce packages. This is quite a major requirement for all those website owners who are aiming to sell products through their website. If not, ensure your host supports your eCommerce solution of choice since many eCommerce solutions need specific installations which your host may or may not support.

Reliable email delivery: Moreover, along with website tools and services, consistent and reliable email delivery is also quite a critical issue for many website owners. Your host must be capable of fighting against spams and restricting spammers from using their servers as launch pads for their annoying spam campaigns.

Server uptime: Server uptime is quite an apparent issue. Significant downtime can cause significant revenue loss. It spoils the company’s brand image and brings transitory losses to the Search Engine rankings. Hence, make sure to test server uptime quite strictly while selecting your web hosting company.

Server Performance: Along with server uptime, server performance is also a significant point for consideration. No visitor has extra time to wait for pages to download. Such a scenario is very difficult for Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign, where you tend to pay for clicks that do not even get viewed on your landing page because slow downloading. This will not only affect your eMarketing campaigns adversely but also impact your brand’s value among your visitors.

Summary: Selecting a proper web hosting company is a serious task that can have significant impacts on your eMarketing initiatives. Conduct an intelligent market research and ensure your host supplements your online marketing initiatives rather than making impediments working against them.

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Santosh Shrivastava

Santosh Shrivastava


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