How Do You Purchase A New Domain Name?

2002-06-05by Mark Bove

Purchasing a new domain name requires two steps.

  • You must pay for the domain name itself.

  • You must "park your domain name" somewhere.  This means that you must provide the name registrar with a server location on which your domain name will reside.

This process may sound trickier than it is. It is actually quite easy. But you will want to go about your purchase in different ways depending on which of the following four categories you fall into.

1 - You want to buy a domain name as an investment on the name itself and you never plan to actually build a web site. (Why not, many names alone have sold for millions!!!)

In this situation, you will want an authorized domain name seller that also provides parking services as a one-time fee. Even though you never plan to build a web site, you can't buy a name without parking services. Network Solutions is the most popular domain name seller in the world. (They sell about 4 out of 5 .com domains). They provide this purchase and parking bundled package.

2 - You want to buy a domain name and you eventually will build a web site once you've learned more about how to build a good web site.

If you are uncertain, you can always go with the option we outlined for situation #1. But you may want to consider who your eventual web hosting company will be. One web host company we recommend is Verio. You can buy your domain name through them now but not pay any monthly web hosting fees until you are ready to actually put your web site up sometime down the road. Buying your name through your eventual web host company will save you the minor hassle of changing your domain parking location later.

3 - You want to buy a domain name and immediately start building your web site.

In this situation, you should probably decide who your web host company is going to be before you buy your domain name. This will make the process much easier because your web host company will sell you a monthly web hosting package and handle your domain name purchase all at once.

A couple good web host companies we highly recommend are Verio and Virtualis. Learn more in section, Hosting Your Web Site.

4 - You want to buy a domain name and host your web site on your own computer(s) (Definitely not recommended for any small business, particularly those just starting out.)

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