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2004-11-08 by Matt Jacks

More and more of us are seeing the Internet not only as a virtual doorway to discover information about every topic going, but also to say something about ourselves. And a good web hosting plans is of paramount importance in this regard. Web hosting plans are numerous and quite diverse both in price, features and usage, but getting a good plan will not only help your pocket, but also your enthusiasm.

You don't want to be frustrated beyond belief in your first venture on the web, as this may cause you to think none of this web stuff is worth the bother; and then you could miss out on some great fun (if your website is for personal use) or increased profits (if you run your own business).

So check out the plans that your chosen host offers - which host though? Choosing anaffordable web hosting company is the first matter for you to deal with.

Help, I'm Stuck

If you're not so sure about a whole multitude of things, then one of the things that will be important to you in your host package is support. This can range from the very good to the frankly awful; so good support is always a bonus in any of the plans.

Support can be provided to you via phone (high or low toll?), instant messaging, fax or email; but obviously the more they give the more they will charge for, and you should check the hours of availability carefully when technically competent staff can respond to your enquiry and what sort of response time can be expected.

And those plans offering so-called limitless amounts of space and transfer don¡¦t really mean this (as they'd go out of business themselves) this is set to what is often vaguely known as reasonable use or similar.

Hosting Concerns

So being hosted on the net is a assorted subject with many hybrid deals crossing over between more clearly defined plans as a good package is sought out, and there are always special offers to be taken into account as well, but the following general guide will hopefully be of use:

  • Free hosting on the web will differ in disk space, and will only give a few email addresses and email support, though they should always help with FTP if they are responsible, as how to FTP is often a question new webmasters ask.

  • Cheaper packages should still give around 20-30MB of space as minimum, and often up to 10 email accounts with basic technical help. Hopefully Microsoft FrontPage support being included here as this is popular software used for website designing.

  • E-Commerce hosting can often involve around 100 MB to more than IGB of space, with a 1000 email accounts and email auto responders. Merchant and payment support should be given here as well. And if you want Databases included in your hosting then a good deal should always involve more capable technical support which includes SQL for instance.

  • If you want to be fully managed then typically this will include 24x7 technical assistance, including help with e-commerce applications, databases and more advanced scripting like CGI and PHP. Things like customized 404 pages should also be offered in a good deal here.

The prevalence of low cost web hosts are the main reason why this sector is booming at the minute, and as technology increases you really can get more for less, but beware that not all in the garden smells sweet whilst looking for a home for your website.

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