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2004-11-08by Matt Jacks

If you've always wanted to get on the net then free web hosting is one way that this can be achieved. You too can have your own website to represent you and your interests as you introduce yourself or enthuse about your hobbies to the online world community; for free.

 In some ways, a new site can be just like a child; as they both grow thanks to your care as you try to steer them into appearing how you want them to be. And technical difficulties are not unknown with either, as just how to FTP might be a problem in both cases!

So if you are considering getting onto the web, then all those multitude of ads offering a free site have doubtlessly attracted your interest. After all - why pay for something if you can get website hosting services for zip?

Everything Starts Small

You've probably noticed that hosting can vary in price quite considerably, ranging from cheap to expensive prices to be forked out each month. So how can any host offer things up for free then?

The truth is that you pay for what you get in other ways than directly financial ones; with strict limits on size and use, or controls over your site's appearance; or both. As well as not the greatest level of customer support, but even so this can be a fine way of practicing web design on a small scale.

 So while free hosting is indeed that; the free method to get yourself or your interests represented on the internet, you may find after a while that you want more than is available, and that of course will cost.

 So some host companies use this as a start-up promotional offer to get people interested, and then offer them more as they get increasingly ambitious (or frustrated).

 But if all you want is a small hobby or personal site with not any grandiose intentions for spreading out your tentacles around the world, then affordable web hosting companies are often a great deal.

My Site - Who's Ad?

But remember what was said previously about appearance. Even if you are content with small disk space and transfer allowance, you will probably still have to put up with the banner ads that are placed on your site as a condition. Though some host's packages let you choose between a banner and a pop-up, they still have to be present and you won't be able to say what they look like or what they are promoting.

 But a casual acceptance of the necessity of these ads will lessen their irritation value, for if you want to get into hosting but don't want to pay for it then you know your host is not a charity after all - they are in it to make some bucks. And some will make more of an attempt than others to make their ads as unobtrusive as possible, whilst still being visible obviously; so that's something to think about when working out how to choose a web hosting company.

There are other ways as well that this service can be offered for nothing - maybe to publicize a forum that you will have to earn new member referrals for, or have other duties like making non-spamming posts.

And of course capitalism is all about competition, so some free offers for the hosting of your website might be time limited as part of a new skirmish in the war between all the eager hosts out there on the web. 

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