Does Your Web Hosting Plan Cost You a Fortune

2009-11-23by Santosh Shrivastava

Does Your Web Hosting Plan Cost You a Fortune


All effort of your powerful, competent website will go in vain if you are not associated with an efficient Web Hosting Company. Not only it largely affects your web presence but also is an important aspect in reducing your hosting expenses. Fortunately, in this varied and humongous hosting industry, finding a one that caters to all your requirements in a gainful manner is not a great deal of job, provided you are ready to give needed time and thought to the selection process. Given below are the few important factors that you must consider while partnering with any company offering efficient hosting services.

  • Estimate the web space that your website would require and pick a plan in accordance to it. As for instance if you need around 250MB of space then go for a plan that offers 300Mb, so that you get to maintain enough scope for further growth and expansion.
  • Similarly, with Bandwidth also, configure first the amount of bandwidth you require and then opt for a plan that offers a little higher than your requirement. For example, if your website uses 10GB bandwidth per month, opt a plan that provides at least 12 GB bandwidth per month. Such an arrangement prevents 'spikes' of over usage, which may cause higher extra costs.


  • Block buying is another added facility that you can avail within your web hosting services plan. Enquire well about buying block from your web hosting company, so that you can purchase projected extra disk space or bandwidth.


  • Number of websites is an important issue for all those who have more than one website. Search well and then avail an account with a reliable web hosting company who provides multiple domains hosted on one account. A lot of people opt for this option as it falls much cheaper than having an account per website.


  • Emails are the backbone of any online business. Emails are the lifeblood of your online business and hence, make sure to receive a sufficient number of email addresses with your own domain name. In fact, it is better to go for a plan that offers unlimited email addresses as it facilitates your other email features like forwarders, and auto responders, etc. In fact, nowadays, almost every web hosting company is offering this service at free of cost, within the chosen hosting plan.


  • Do not get lured by discount offers at all! There are many inefficient companies providing hosting services available in the market who would like to trap their clients by offering them discount on making advance half-yearly payments. Hence, it is advised to avoid long terms plans until you are complete assured about your chosen service provider. Paying regularly on monthly basis has its own set of benefits. If you encounter any major problem with the hosting, you can any time take the decision of availing the same from another service provider.


  • Thinking and planning is the lifeblood of any business running on web. Simply maintain a flawless record of present and past web space usage and bandwidth and analyze your future requirements in accordance with that. Similarly, in case of hosting services as well, figure out your growth rate and project future expansions. Keep a good record of past and present bandwidth and web space usage; this will help to project future needs.


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