Going for Shared Hosting? There is something better to choose

2008-08-07 by Abdus Sami


When people look for some hosting services, they get bombarded with so many options. If you are one of those persons who are currently facing such problems then you can really go for some more reliable options in terms of web hosting.


As time has changed, there are so many things that have come into being to help you to perform all of the tasks. VPS or Virtual Private Server is one such concept that has really made life easier for people who may be looking for a reliable hosting service.


VPS is a method in which you are presented a limited space on a physical server which acts like your private space. However, this portioning is done using different softwares that make physical server to work as private server.


Simply put, you will be getting a dedicated space on a physical server, instead of sharing the entire server with many other users. Each of the partition will not be done in a real way but in a virtual way. That’s why it is known as Virtual Private Server.


This is one of the better options to choose as there are lots of benefits that come gratis with this type of hosting service. The best benefit will be the speed. It means that you will be able to enjoy a greater speed and quick access as you will not have to share the space with hundreds of other users and companies like shared servers.


It means that if you are operating a site for which speed is really essential then you will really end up losing many of the customers because of shared hosting services. VPS is better because it will offer your visitors a better downloading speed along with a quick access to all of the features of your site.


Apart from this most obvious benefit, you can also enjoy some more as well. For instance, when you will be using VPS, there will be no concern for you in terms of hosting other sites. It implies that you can host as many sites as you want without getting in the hassles of choosing domains and sub-domains.


Also, you can have some more versatile services that you will never be able to experience in shared hosting services. For instance, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server that can really help you to tackle some really heavy data will not be available in shared hosting services. However, you can bring some more innovation to your VPS as here you can upload your own FTP server which will really help you cater your entire file transferring needs.


Finally, VPS offers you some better security features because of the isolation and personalized use of available space. This can also be an important thing for most of the business sites operators.


All in all, VPS can really beat most of the hosting options. However, the only concern in this whole thing is price as this is the only aspect where shared hosting services score more than VPS. However, you should always go for utility comparison before going with any of the hosting services as this can really make or break your business.


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