Affordable Web Hosting for a Small Business

2004-11-18 by Sonal Raje

What Kind of Web Hosting is Right for a Small Business ?

What Kind of Web Hosting is Right for a Small Business ?
First let us determine what requirements a site for a small business would have from its Web Hosting service provider.

Many sites serve as an online catalog of the products the business has to offer. It is just an informative site for the prospective customers. There is no online financial transactions on the site. There are many Web Hosting plans, which can be of service to such sites. These web Hosting plans are in different categories such as Low price, Discount, Basic, Standard, starting from $5 up to $15. Standard Web Hosting plans which start at $15 and above offer some extras in the package.

So how do determine if you really need the extra benefits offered or can you opt for the Lowest priced Web Hosting?

Free, Low Priced or Premium Web Hosting?
Portals such as Yahoo offer free Web Hosting plans. You can put up simple personal sites with the help of simple online tools. Simple design templates, basic image editing can be used to put together a basic site for sharing of personal information or even a small business. Limited web space for content and limited bandwidth for data transfer are offered by these plans.

You can calculate how much space your site will need through the site summary of the editor used to build the site. If the requirements of your site are met by a free Web Hosting plan you can surely opt for one.

Keep in mind though, that there will be advertisements and banners displayed on your site by the Web Hosting service. You will have no control over what kind of ads will appear on your site. If you think these ads will be a distraction or make a bad impression for your business, it would be wise to go in for the comparatively low priced basic Web Hosting plans.

Your site will be hosted on shared servers thus making the pricing affordable. The amount of space, bandwidth and technical support offered on low to medium priced Web Hosting plans will suffice for sites for small businesses. As the prices of the packages increase, you will find more technical and customer support offered. If you think it is essential for your business that your site has to be kept well functioning under every condition, a little extra money is well spent on efficient customer service and good technical support.

What If You Need Upgrading from Basic to Premium Web Hosting Plans?
It is a natural desire to see your business grow with time. Suppose you plan to start with a modest website for your small business opting for a basic Web Hosting plan, but have aspirations that your business will expand, can you get more services for your site later?

It is always a good idea to have a discussion with a sales representative of your Web Hosting service before finalizing the plan for your web site. Get to know well in advance the kind of customer support they have to offer. Let them know you may consider upgrading to a premium Web Hosting plan in future if the business requirements grow.

With all these considerations while comparing the Web Hosting plans, you can make a wise choice of the best-suited affordable Web Hosting plan for your site.

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