Stories that repeat - part 5

2008-02-25by Ivan Vachovsky

Picking tomatoes or investing


The story

I was in 9-th grade, when the students of my class were sent to help farmers pick tomatoes. We would pick roma tomatoes and put them in cases. We would get a ticket for every case full of tomatoes delivered to the warehouse. Needless to say that the more tickets the better for the bearer.  Some boys noticed that the farmers do not have sophisticated printing technology and the tickets are easy to counterfeit. Boys at that age are not known as big thinkers. The idea was implemented quickly, almost as quick as it took for them to get caught.

The repetition

A public Company engaged in software development and implementation decided that writing software and implementing it is a daunting task and frankly not that profitable. Like picking tomatoes. So they decided to invest in the stock market their free cash instead of investing in the software. It worked until they got caught in market's downturn, causing them to lose not only the cash invested but also the profits made on the software side. As a result their stock is at record low. Hopefully they will return to their core software business with the little cash left or they go pick tomatoes.



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